As a follow up to the previous post about what to do with your PRECIOUS child’s artwork I couldn’t resist passing along two more links…new ideas keep crossing my path!

First, check out Dynamic Frames. These are frames that open while they are hanging on the wall to allow you to add your pictures or artwork. They allow you to display your artwork AND they store up to 50 pieces of art in the frame! See how they work and check out the sizes available here.

Then,  Aby @ Simplify101 has a wonderful post here about kid’s art. She gives five solutions.  I LOVE the collage idea – gathering all the cute little drawings and snipits that you save and modpodging them to create ONE new art piece!

Enjoy organizing your child’s artwork THIS summer. Choose a solution and go with it! Have your child help by gathering ALL of their artwork from ALL of the variuos locations around the house. I have seen these locations – crammed in bags, in basements, under the bed… Sort it all by year or size – let your child choose. Let them start purging the unloved pieces. You may give your opinion and guidance (ie. pick the top 10 favorites from each year) but it is amazing to see what they decide.

Finally, choose a  home for it all. Whatever you decide is best if it meets your needs. Remember, something as simple as an underbed storage tub or two pieces of giant posterboards stapled together to make an art folder work, too. Being organized does not have to cost a lot!

Tracy Hoth