Knowing you have to wear a swim suit to the pool this summer can be motivation to start working out in January. Signing up to compete in a triathlon is motivation to start training. Knowing company is coming is motivation to dust the cobwebs out of the corners and scrub the toilets. Blogging before pictures and setting the date for the after pictures to show up is motivation to organize a specific area!

YOU have to find what motivates YOU! Is it food? A special outing with friends? A trip? Peer pressure? Exposure? Public knowledge? Try out a few of those and see what works.

Let’s talk specifically about organizing… A variety of things can drive your motivation to get organized: knowing a baby is on the way, marriage problems ignited by clutter, being “stuck” at work because of your chaotic paper situation, depression, frustration, overwhelm, house guests, etc.

Those things cause people to realize their need to get organized but then what? How do you really stay motivated AND get organized?

  1. Schedule a place to start. Pick something simple like the top of the desk, a drawer, one cabinet, etc.
  2. Schedule a definite time. This is a must! You won’t just feel like it. It takes time and effort.
  3. Be accountable. Set a date to have friends over to see the results. And not the friends that won’t really care! Invite colleagues or acquaintances who have awesomely organized houses or offices! YIKES! If that is not serious motivation check your pulse!
  4. Follow these steps here to organize just about anything. Maybe you could start with a cabinet just like in the picture!
  5. Hire a professional organizer. They will teach you organizing skills that you may be lacking. When you are overwhelmed and want to quit they will guide you, motivate you, give you ideas and a fresh perspective. You are investing in the process which always increases motivation!
  6. Plan how to continue. If it worked to be accountable then plan the next project and be accountable. Schedule your next race. If it worked to pay a professional then schedule the next appointment. If it worked to post before pictures then immediately post new pictures with a date for the after photos to go up.  Do what works. If it doesn’t work try something new!

Don’t stay stuck in a yucky place you wish you could get out of! Be drastic! Challenge and stretch your self. Life is too short to ho-hum around! FIND what motivates you so you can get organized, reach your goals, live out your dreams and give your gifts to the world.   I linked up to Organized Assistant’s Blog Carnival. Read more about motivation by other bloggers there.

Tracy Hoth