Simply Squared Away's eBook Organized...From the Car to the Bedroom
Organized…From the Car to the Bedroom!

I love helping people get organized. What’s even better is when I am able to help people for FREE.

One way that I am doing this is to gift my organizing eBook! All you have to do is enter your email here and I will send you a link so you can download this eBook to your computer!

Organized…From the Car to the Bedroom is full of tips, routines and simple ideas to help you get organized, cut clutter and go from overwhelmed to energized.

1. The eBook has a beautiful design

Have you ever watched Cupcake Wars or Chopped ~ my two favorite shows? In the competition you are judged 50% on presentation and 50% on taste. I love beautiful design work and I love eBooks with elements that make them not only professional, but visually attractive. My graphic designer, Sandra Houseman of Sandra Darlene, did an outstanding job making the design professional, fun, AND beautiful!

2. The eBook has valuable content

As for content, I can easily get overwhelmed when I open an eBook and it is filled with straight paragraph after paragraph of boring black font. I want it to be easy to read and FULL of great content.

3. The eBook is organized by room

I organized my eBook by room. Then, I filled each room with simple ideas so that you can scan the room you are organizing and find one idea ~ run with it and implement it in order to become better organized!

Have you gotten my eBook? If not, enter your email here, download the book and enjoy!

Have you written an eBook or have a favorite you would like to recommend? Please leave the name with a link in the comments so we can all enjoy!

Simply Squared Away's eBook Organized...From the Car to the Bedroom  Simply Squared Away's eBook Organized...From the Car to the Bedroom

Tracy Hoth