Last year I decided I wanted my office on the main level of our home. I had a desk in the basement but I rarely went down there. I would haul things up to work on them at the table or on the couch. Does anyone else do that?!

To make this change meant that we would have to get rid of our front “living/sitting” room. We had good quality furniture in there so I thought we should move the furniture in the family room, update the family room and move the family room furniture to the basement. No one liked my idea!!!

My son sat on the big chair in the front room and read every day and didn’t want to give that up. My family chased each other and the dog through the room as they ran “the circle” – through the kitchen, front room and entry – and a desk in there might mess that up. The front room had an open floor area to roll around and wrestle in. We sat in there to talk with guests. And, finally, my husband just doesn’t like change and I am finding that some of my kids feel the same!

One night when I was home alone with my younger three kids I had them help me move all the furniture! We ended the night with the family room furniture in the kitchen! I wasn’t sure I liked the change. Certainly the ones that didn’t like change did NOT like it… What to do? What to do??

To make this long story short we ended up having to sell our family room furniture. It was the first furniture that my husband and I purchased in 1995 when we got married. We LOVED this furniture! It held so many memories for our family!

They were the best couches to lay on for naps. (Update 8/2013 – Oh how I miss this furniture and naps on this couch!) After 15 years, four kids growing up on them, spitting up on them, jumping on them to stay away from the alligators (we can have some fun!) they were still in excellent condition (except where our dog chewed the arm rest covers!).

We tried but couldn’t fit them down our stairs to the basement and they had no where else to go. I know, I know, some of you are thinking that was a good thing because they are just a teensy bit dated BUT they were so special to us! So, I do know how you feel when it is hard to part with something! It was the first time I sold something on Craig’s List. It worked great!

Next, I had my friend Jennifer, from The Magic Brush, Inc, (I LOVE her blog) come and give me some advice. I then painted BOTH rooms the colors she suggested – Sawdust (Sherwin Williams) in the office/front room…


And, Baguette (also Sherwin Williams) in the family room…


Next came the search for office furniture. Oh, the search for the RIGHT furniture! JUST THE RIGHT furniture. I will have the furniture forever! It has to be comfortable and functional and beautiful and classic… It will be the first thing people see when they enter my home. It will have to house all my office supplies and stay organized. Decisions. Decisions.

Stay tuned for My Office Redo Part II.

Tracy Hoth