You can read about My Office Redo Part I here. Now, I am now ready to reveal the office furniture that I finally decided on.

First, the chair. I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart and sat in EVERY office chair they had. My chair criteria: professional, blend with the furniture, support my posture to sit up straight, cushiony and cozy!

My favorite – this Hooker brand chair!!! It was so perfect. I sat in it and envisioned it in my office. A friend told me to keep checking the clearance section for my furniture. I rarely ever got out to NFM but I would check the clearance section when I was there. Guess what I found…MY CHAIR! I was so excited. It was there because of the finish in the middle of the back but in my office you cannot even tell and I LOVE my chair.


Next, my rug. I wanted something with black around the edge so it would be set apart from the carpet. I wanted something neutral. Really, I didn’t know what I wanted but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. If I got something with color I knew it would go out of style eventually. After checking a couple different stores and being very disappointed my friend told me to check at Sam’s Club. Who would’ve thought? I did and I found this! I love it! But, holy moley, it sheds like crazy and fills up my whole vacuum cleaner bin every time I vacuum! It is worse than a dog! But I LOVE it..especially for the price.


(That junk back there is office stuff before I had my furniture!)

Okay, finally, the furniture. My criteria: Pretty, classic, practical, storage, file drawers, well made. Not in that order. And, black. After painting the room I thought black would look the best. There really is not many black office furniture sets to choose from. I think I found every piece made. Then I changed my mind about 20 times but finally knew I needed to be practical and have at least two file drawers and didn’t have room in the office for another piece with file drawers…Here it is!


I love the doors and the wood work around the top. I love the top of the desk and credenza – it has a diamond pattern. I love the black AND brown mix. I love the chair and how it has a black AND brown mix. The brown has a little red which matches our trim. The walls look really tan in this picture. Sometimes they are Sawdust from Sherwin Williams.

So, what do you think? I will show you the office with decorations in Part III here. I am not a decorator so I had a really hard time. I pretty much copied things from friends. Thanks, friends! 🙂 I will also show how I organized my stuff! Organizing my stuff took a lot longer than I thought it would! It takes time to know what you need, how you need to get to it, what files you need most, etc.


Tracy Hoth