I had to share with you my new purse...my new and ORGANIZED purse.

I am not much of a purse girl

I could carry the same purse for a couple years and think nothing of it. But, a while ago, my friend sent me a purse organizer from the Philippines. I needed a bigger purse for it to fit in. When I was at Wal-Mart next, I bought a $7 purse that really was quite nice. I even got a few compliments on it. Recently the strap started to peel though (yuck!) so I thought it was time to get a new one.

I love the one I bought!

My all-time-favorite thing about it are the two end pockets. Every time I get out of the car, I put my keys in one and my phone in the other. I absolutely LOVE that I never have to dig in my purse to find either one! I am definitely more excited about the pockets than how cute and stylish it is.

Here are some photos and other tips for organizing your purse!

Front view…

One side pocket – big and deep so nothing falls out – one on each side – for my phone and my keys!

Everyone needs a purse organizer!

It has a pocket for eeeeeverything!

Here it is IN my purse. I love that silvery fabric. All of my pens are in the inside zipper pocket. My two other things (holder for business cards and a holder for gift cards/kids library cards/punch cards/etc) are in that other pocket.

Then I fell in love with these wallets! One is for personal and one is for my business.

Great additional tips

  • If you don’t have a cool side pocket on your purse clip a caribiner to your keys and EVERY time you get out of your car hook them somewhere in your purse! You’ll never be digging around in your purse again!
  • I keep two smaller spiral notebooks in my purse, too. One to write ideas down for my speaking and the other to take various notes, write names, etc in. Use a man’s wallet to keep punch cards, gift cards, store cards, library cards, etc in. Or, hole punch them and hook them to a ring! Purse is Dana Buchanan and wallets are apt. 9. Both from Kohls used with a coupon!!
  • Purse organizer: The original Beabi brand with my exact organizer has a Facebook page here. But, I cannot find somewhere to buy them in the United States. 🙁 Let me know if you do. We gave some away at our church’s Ladies Night this year – half were sent from the Philippines and the other half we ordered from Chameleon –found here. You can do a search for ‘purse organizer’ and you will find a zillion to choose from. They can be pricey. Mine was about $4 US dollars in the Philippines!

What do you think?? Doesn’t it make you want to organize your purse?


I had to share with you my new purse...my new and ORGANIZED purse.   I had to share with you my new purse...my new and ORGANIZED purse.

Tracy Hoth