What can be more fun than a photo shoot! I picture myself being pampered, hair stylist, make-up artists, fans to make your hair blow in the wind, lighting to give you the perfect glow…ahhhh so glamorous.

My client and I had our photo shoot scheduled with a KC Star photographer for March 8th. That week was one of the busiest EVER! I had a rehearsal for a big event the night before that went late, bible study in the morning followed by a luncheon, last minute preparation for speaking to a group of military wives the following day and to top it off it was raining all day on the 8th – not good for hair the day of the photo shoot!

Garvey Scott, the awesome photographer, arrived (by himself with no make-up, hair stylist or professional fan & light holders). Jenny (my awesome client) and I looked at him and asked him where we should pose! He informed us that we cannot pose but that he would follow us around and take pictures of us in action! Well, there went all the glamour! We had to work!

But, since organizing is FUN off we went to organize and along came Garvey to “be invisible” and capture some pictures. It is hard to focus on organizing because I was thinking, “Did he get that picture while my mouth was open? Am I smiling but looking natural enough? Is he getting my best side? Maybe Jenny and I should switch positions? Will he tell us when we have enough pictures?” You know, things like that are a little distracting.

All in all it was a very good experience. Garvey made it easy for Jenny and I to relax and get our work done. He even posed for a picture with us!









Jenny Whitty (left), Tracy Hoth (center) and Garvey Scott (right)

Thank you to Jill Reitz who did a great job writing the article and Garvey Scott for capturing some wonderful photos AND to Jenny Whitty and her family for opening their home and lives to let others know how to dispose of things in a meaningful way and how it is okay to ask for help on the journey!

Click here to read the KC Star article: “Clear clutter without tossing it in the trash” by Jill Reitz and to see a resource list of places to take unwanted items (okay, and see a picture of how my hair turned out on a rainy day with no professionals and no fan to make it blow in the wind!)

Tracy Hoth