The other day I was trying to remember everything I had gotten done that day. I thought the list should be longer but I couldn’t think of anything else. I started thinking about how, when I was blogging, I first had to resize the pictures, then upload them, then they didn’t upload, then I had to email my web guy, he quickly responded back fixing the problem, then I could continue…

And, then, when I was redesigning my welcome letter on Constant Contact I had to reduce the size of my eBook, didn’t have a clue how to do that, had to google it, had to figure it out, finally got that done, then could continue… Ugh! Since I am not really tech savvy it all takes me SOOOO long. It seems like so much work!

But, can I quit? NO! I HAD to get those things done!

I think I was driving – because thats what an official carpool mom does – and a light bulb went on in my head! I made a connection! It is the same with ORGANIZING! If it isn’t something you are good at and enjoy it may take longer! It might seem endless, actually! It takes work and trudging through and figuring out and trying things that might not work! It may seem like you are making more work! You have to make decisions constantly. You look up at the end of the day and think, “Is that all I got done?”

But, can you quit? NO!

Each step forward is a move in the right direction! Keep up the momentum! That made me think about my “team”! I hire people to help in areas where I need help. I have a web guy, an accountant, a business coach, etc. I am a team member on my client’s teams. They realize the value of a professional organizer, a clutter coach and/or a speaker. They’ve added an expert in the field to join their “team”.

Who’s on your team? You might have an accountant, a housecleaner, a roofer, lawn care specialists, etc. If you have a business you could have a graphic designer, promotions specialist, bookkeeper, productivity specialist, coach, etc. What can you do on your own? Who do you hire to help you out?

The beautiful thing is – all of our teams look different. We each have gifts that can add value to another person’s team! Happy Team Building!

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Tracy Hoth