Read this story of a professional organizers UNORGANIZED trip to the post office!

This is exactly what NOT to do when you go to mail a package.

This is real-life me and I laughed so hard last night when I told my friends that I thought I should share. I never want you to put me up on a pedestal (ha, like you would!!?) and think I have it all together…

I dropped my kids off 30 minutes before Bible study and needed to run to Hy-Vee to mail my coaching client a Freedom Action File! Hy-Vee is a local grocery store that has postal service – LOVE that because the post office wasn’t open.

I pull into the parking lot

Then I realize I did not bring her address. Duh!

As I look through my phone, realize I do not have her phone number.

The next thing most people do, is a search on the internet trying to find her number. Nothing.

I remember that I think I wrote her number in my calendar for the very first appointment – virtually. YES!!!!! There it is.

When I call, she doesn’t answer. Naturally, I leave a message.

I go into the store hoping she will call back.

As I wait in a line, not using my time wisely, I just stand there watching people.

Finally, I get to the front of the line.

All of a sudden, I remember I have to reread my letter to my friend in Uruguay that I am also sending something to.

I get to the front of the line

I reread my friend’s letter while I tell the guy that I don’t have a box for my Freedom Action File. Yes, I hadn’t even thought I might need to provide my own box!

By the way, I am laughing right now, as I type, at my self…what was I thinking??

He informs me that they don’t make a postal box big enough. I ask if he can weigh it so I know how much postage it will need for when I go home, get my own box, AND the address to send it with the postman tomorrow.

“Oh, maybe they have a box in the back,” I suggest. He is the assistant manager and he said they don’t right now.

The lady weighs it, figures out I would have to buy12 $.61, a $.44 and two $.1 stamps and that is before I put it in a box.

I decide to wait on the stamps since I don’t know how much the box will weigh. By then I finished proofing my letter to Uruguay, she weighs it, and we send that off. At least I got one thing done!

Oh, one more thing

Then, I remembered that I needed a birthday card for my friend whom I was getting together with that night after bible study, so I go look for that.

I find one.

My phone rings. I pile all the stuff on the end cap of the healthy food isle and answer.

Guess who it is? Yes, my client! I get out my pencil (at least my purse is organized!) and write down her address.

I stick the card and my calendar into my Freedom Action File to walk to the back. Maybe I can find a box…

The perfect box!

I open the swinging door back by the milk and yell, “excuse me.” This nice guy comes and says he thinks they have a box. Meet him at the double swinging doors. I go over and we see one box. It was a little big so I ask if he knows of another. He comes back with the PERFECT box. YES!!

Then I am about to walk away and I remember I might need some stuffing. He says they only have sawdust stuff. I don’t think my client would like that. So I tell him how wonderful he is and walk off to the bakery.

Maybe I should bring something cute and yummy to celebrate my friend’s birthday tonight. After weighing the cost, the amount, how many calories, etc, I decide on some lemon poppy seed muffins, not very birthday-ish, but I love them.

I remember I need some bananas at home and walk to grab some bananas (all this while holding my box, Action File, purse, and now muffins).

Guess who I see at the bananas?!! The nice guy from the back that found me my box! I profusely explain that I am not stalking him, just coming by to get some bananas!

Finally, I get to customer service counter again.

I ask them if they have any stuffing. No, just use bags.

I pull out my calendar from the action file. Crumple up two paper grocery sacks. The lady helps me get the last grocery sack in, because I should have done that one first and grocery sacks are GREAT packing material. I couldn’t even get it to move. She helps me tape it up (used their tape – I thought everyone did that?).

I didn’t have a good place to write the address so I asked her opinion and she gave me a piece of paper.  I want you all to know that I DID remember to bring a really cool blue sharpie to write the address with! And, it looked great. I used swirly lettering!

She helped me tape up the box and tape the address down. It was ready to weigh.

I GASPED!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO! She stares at me and I look at her dreading what I have to tell her.


She stares at me

She slowly asks if I want to open it back up as she strokes the taped box lovingly! I waffle around and finally decide no. I will get another one and just pay for two cards. Luckily it wasn’t one of those $8 singing cards! Plus, my client will have a lovely card to give to me on my birthday!

I walk back to the card section, get another card, come back, pay for my package which is now completely ready to go. The cashier rings me up, I pay for bananas, poppy seed muffins (I wonder if the poppy seeds will get stuck in my teeth), and my two cards even though I only have one.

I look at the clock. Wowzers! That took much longer than I could have imagined. It is now 6:50 and I am 20 minutes late for Bible study!

I walk out all giddy… free from having to go to the post office tomorrow, happy my client will have her Action File to start organizing her paper, ready to see new friends at bible study, and looking forward to celebrating with my birthday girl friend later…

Look on the plus side

What could be better than completing a task, making new friends at the grocery store, being able to physically do all of that, knowing your family is at church and that there is a God who loves me and provides for me – even a box when I need it! Life is good!


Read this story of a professional organizers UNORGANIZED trip to the post office!   Read this story of a professional organizers UNORGANIZED trip to the post office!

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Tracy Hoth