Follow these simple organizing steps to get your space organized. Plus, download these articles to learn more.

How Organized Are You?

Why not take a clutter reality check right now?! Here are a few quizzes you can take to find out just how organized you really are:

This article – Money Back Monday: The Hidden costs of Clutter  – is an eye opening look at what clutter can be costing you… late fees, buying duplicates, storage fees, productivity, etc. How organized are you…really? How could you benefit by being better organized?

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Do you know the importance of being organized and how it can all areas of your life?  Being organized plays a role in your confidence, your productivity, your relationships and even your health.

Do you know how and where to start getting organized?

I like practical, simple solutions. I will share with you three steps that you can implement today to help you move forward and reach your goal to “get organized.”


Remember, being organized is a life-long journey not a destination. You don’t arrive and then get to relax. You need to establish simple routines, complete daily transactions and schedule time for the tasks involved to get organized and then to maintain a peace-filled, organized environment!

1. Establish daily routines

The Fly Lady has you shine your sink every morning. One of my friends started getting the family up 10 minutes earlier in the mornings in order to make beds, gather dirty clothes to start a load of laundry and wipe down bathroom counter tops. Maybe you have a routine of cleaning the kitchen each evening before heading to bed. Routines are a sequence of actions regularly followed. What routines can you create that will help you get organized or maintain an area where you are already organized? Remember to keep them SIMPLE.

Here is one routine to begin with that will change your perspective in your home. Create a “donate” bin. This could be a plastic tub, cardboard box, or paper bag. Store this in your garage, laundry room, or some other location. Find something every day and add it to the donate bin. It could be a toiletry item that you no longer use, a toy, a kitchen item, clothing item, a video, etc. We are in the habit of bringing things IN our homes, but not getting things out. Our homes fill up with clutter. This routine will get you in the habig of removing things daily, thus simplifying your life in order to enjoy what you have.


Create a “donate” bin right now. Add one item to it!

2. Complete your transactions

A bank teller has to complete each transaction. Have you ever noticed that only when they have finished do they look up for the next customer? We also need to complete our transactions throughout the day. How often do you put items in a pile to put away later? Each time you put something down I want you to begin asking yourself, “Is this transaction complete?” Each time we delay a decision, we create clutter. Make decisions, designate homes for things, and put them away. Complete each transaction.


Write the sentence “Is this transaction complete?” on a 3×5 card and hang it somewhere you will see it often. Begin asking yourself this question throughout the day!

3. Schedule your tasks

Alan Weiss, in his Monday Morning Memo on December 31, 2012, says that the first step to resolve is to schedule the steps to accomplish your resolution. Schedule steps now in order to reach the goal and get organized. Think of what you want to organize. Break it down into parts. Schedule the tasks. Do them when you say you are going to…even if you don’t feel like it!! Have someone come in and see your completed work. Nothing works better than accountability!


Pick a project (your kitchen, closet, utensil drawer, paper). Schedule time, actually blocking out time on your calendar, right now for the tasks involved. Call someone who you respect and set an appointment for them to come and see your completed work!

How can SIMPLY SQUARED AWAY help you?

You CAN do this! You can begin, or continue, on your organizing journey (no matter how many times you have tried in the past) and reach your goals! I can help in several ways:

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3. Call me at 816.820.8848 (or contact me here) to discuss hands-on organizing in your home (in the Kansas City metro). Ask for help and invest in yourself. The time is right. Learn some organizing skills and get a LOT more done while having some fun!

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Here is to your organizing success!!

Being organized plays a role in your confidence, your productivity, your relationships and even your health. I will share with you three steps that you can implement today to help you move forward and reach your goal to “get organized" - practical, simple solutions.

Tracy Hoth