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This month, we have a group of outstanding posts on this topic: how to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy through the challenges of the holiday season.
Organize AND Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Posted by: Tracy Hoth | Simply Squared Away | Professional Organizer & Speaker

Description: Eighty percent of illnesses now are stress related. The holidays are a highly stressful time of year for many people. Being organized WILL cut down on your stress level but trying to tackle ‘getting organized’ during the holiday season could possibly add to your stress. Here are a couple tips for getting organized and staying healthy this holiday season…

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Staying Fit Through the Holiday Season

Posted By: Alicen at Former Fitness Flunky

Description: Tips and suggestions for successfully navigating the holiday season while staying fit.  You’ll be glad you made the effort to stay on track once the holidays are over!

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The #1 thing you can do to stay healthy during this holiday season!

Posted by: Dr. Ladd Carlston, DC

Description: The cold and holidays usually brings a bout of the cold that take most people out for a couple days. If you want to avoid this, there’s something very important that you can do that will help your immune system immensely.

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The Turkey Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Getting Stuffed

Posted by: Judy Widener, Inner Frontiers Life Coaching

Description: We like the idea of spending time during the holiday season with family and friends who live far away. When holiday gatherings revolve around frenetic traveling and awkward dinners, it may seem impossible to get past the chit-chat and talk about what you’re really feeling.

The true meaning of the holidays is to connect with the people you love. But how can you feel free to put your deepest feelings on the table, once and for all? It can be tough to say: this is what I fear, this is what I long for, and this is how I feel.

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