The more I work with clients the more I notice my own home filling up with stuff! I looked around the other day and saw that I still had a pile of clothes I left in the hallway after going through the summer tubs of clothes with my girls. When I was doing laundry I noticed a pile of clothes I had put behind the door that had been there for a few months! Can you say dust bunnies! These were not cute bunnies. More like rabbit monsters!! Where do dust bunnies come from anyway? This pile of clothes was definitely a classic pile of CLUTTER ~ delayed decision making at its finest!

So, guess what I have in my car today…drum roll, please!








One little step at a time for the good of the Hoth household! There were actually three bags but I already took one to a friend. I will donate these today! It really is amazing how one little thing can make a difference. The hallway is clear! I was in the laundry room and got a little smile of surprise because I was getting a hanger and saw the floor was clear!

What about you? What little step can you take today or this week to make a difference? Remember the turtle won the race because he took slow, steady steps…consistently! Hmmm, what will I work on next?

Tracy Hoth