What is the ONE THING that will help you get organized the fastest or the most direct way – the one thing that will help you get things done?

The other day I was organizing my crafts (and I don’t have that many crafts because my kids are 18 and older). I was gathering all the crafts from every nook and cranny of the house and putting them onto my kitchen counter. Next, my plan was to use the first four steps from my 5 Steps to Organize Anything. I sorted, purged, assigned homes, set limits, and created the result that I wanted. The result I wanted was to have all my crafts in a tub.

One tub that fits in my back kitchen closet. That was my goal, but it made me start thinking about what would be the thing that will help YOU the most? Now, most people might think it’s having the steps. They might think it’s being good at making decisions. They might think that it’s the ‘right container.’ Oh! Or people might think that it’s a bigger house or bigger storage room or closet.

So here’s what it is. The ONE THING that will move the needle in you getting organized or to get things done is. . .


Think about what you currently believe about you getting organized. What if what you’re believing is holding you back from getting things done? Here are some thoughts about beliefs that you could be thinking:

  • I asked one of my Organized Life Academy members why she thought she couldn’t get organized. She just wrote out a big, long bunch of G’s and a bunch of H’s
    Gggghhh! And that was her belief.
  • A nine-year-old child, the daughter of a client, I talked to believed that “It was impossible.”

Maybe it’s:

  • I don’t have time.
  • It’s just useless. Why bother because there’s so much.
  • Nobody ever taught me.
  • I just have too much stuff.
  • I don’t know where to start.

Those are beliefs.

A belief is just a thought that you think.

A thought that you think a lot is what you’re believing is true.

By thinking that thought, you’re telling your brain to go find evidence that it’s true. You have so much evidence and you could sit there and prove to me that your belief or your thought is true.

That is the most important thing that’s gonna create the result that you want.

Truth: the one thing that will move the needle for your to get things done is - YOUR BELIEF ABOUT IT!

Look at what you currently believe and then I want to share some options about DIFFERENT BELIEFS that are working for my clients. They could be new beliefs that you practice.

New thoughts to turn into beliefs

One OLA member’s thought is

1. “I have a plan.”

She believes that her plan is achievable.

She has this plan that we made together. It’s doable. She just follows the plan, she is seeing momentum, and seeing progress.

That’s an exciting thought. How does that thought make you feel?

Maybe you don’t have a plan. You’re thinking, “Tracy, I don’t have a plan.” So… go find someone to help you make a plan, come in to Organize Life Academy, hire an organizing coach, meet up with a friend, or get a book that helps you make a plan – whatever it is.

If you had a plan. Your belief might be:

  • This plan will work.
  • This will take me to where I’m gonna go.

Think of a GPS. If we have the GPS location on our phone, it’s showing up on our maps, we push “start”, and we know that it’s gonna take us there. We just have to keep driving and keep following the plan.

Think of how that feels so much different than I don’t have time or I have too much stuff.

Another thought that’s worked well for many people in my group is

2. “I’m a woman (or man) who gets things done.”

I’m someone who gets things done. Now,  tell your brain to go find some evidence that that is true.

It could be true in another area of your life – I am a woman who makes my bed. I know how to do it, I follow the plan (pull up the sheet, organize the covers, floof and align the comforter, and arrange all the pillows. Bam! I’m a woman who gets things done!).

Now you get to implement this thought into the ‘organizing area’ of your life. You’re just someone who is going to get things done. I LOVE this thought!

An additional new thought that you can start believing:

3. “Organizing can get done in little chunks of time.”

One client’s belief was that it takes a big chunk of time to organize. Many of us probably believe that it takes a big chunk of time to get things done, but organizing (or anything) can get done in little chunks of time.

Go make the evidence that that’s true.

  • Sort five things every day
  • Or look at your calendar and schedule little 10-minute spots for you to organize.

That could be a new belief for you – that you’ll start looking for little chunks of time, doing things in that amount of time, and you’ll realize that it’s true.

I have a free resource called Seven Steps to Get Organized for Life – a Quick Start Guide. In the Quick Start Guide, I made three videos to walk you through the seven steps. One of the seven steps is to look at what you’re currently believing and decide on purpose what you want to believe.

Click here to get that – it’s totally free. You can watch the videos and walk along with me. Also. you are invited to join Organized Life Academy or I have one-on-one clients. I can help you specifically look at what you need to be done and what your goals are. We will make a plan together.

In the process of you carrying out that plan, we’re going to uncover all sorts of different beliefs that you have, the different obstacles that are in your way, and we will work through those through our coaching time and learning the tools that you need to manage your mind.

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My name is Tracy Hoth. My company Simply Squared Away helps women simplify and organize their life.

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Tracy Hoth