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If you’re feeling trapped in a cycle of creating endless subfolders and still can’t find what you need in your digital files, you are not alone! The truth is, there are simple, efficient ways to organize your digital files so you can find what you need in seconds. Stick around to learn more.

In this episode, I’ll show you how to:

    • Decide on one location to store all your digital files, using the concept of the Wonderful One.
    • Create the main file folders for your business: Operations, Marketing, My Content, Education, and Clients.
    • Sort all your digital assets into the appropriate folder categories.
    • Purge each folder and create subcategories as needed.
    • Set a regular schedule for organizing your digital files to prevent clutter from building up again.
    • Use file naming conventions to make it easier to find specific files.
    • Leave with a plan to begin today.

The key moments in this episode are:

03:24 – The Wonderful One
06:00 – Creating Main Files
10:53 – Organizing Files
14:32 – Subdividing Categories
15:09 – Sorting into Categories
16:00 – Follow your plan

Your Simplifying Expert,

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Transcript with time stamps:

First, I’m going to tell you a story about hard-boiled eggs, me making eggs last night. And then we’re going to talk about the thought that keeps you from taking action. So I’m going to share my story, and my thought about what kept me from taking action on starting a podcast. And then I’m going to share maybe three thoughts about what my clients say and tell me is keeping them from getting their business organized, their digital life organized, anything, actually, and what to do about it. What did I do about it?

There are four steps and what can you do about it? Are you ready to work less, feel more organized and productive, streamline repetitive tasks, and implement systems that allow your coaching business to run smoothly even without you? If so, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the Organized Coach Podcast, your go-to source for practical tips and solutions. I’m your host, Tracy Hoth, a professional organizer, certified life coach, simplifying expert, and most of all, a down-to-earth fellow coach just like you.

No matter if you think you’re missing the organizing gene, have ADHD, or just love anything organizing, I’m here to help you become an organized coach with a business that works for you. Pull up a seat and let’s get started. Okay, so last night we made rice, and after we were cleaning up, I thought, okay, since my instant pot is going to be out, I’ll go ahead and hard boil some eggs. Now, now, I only keep my instant pot around because I make rice in it and hard-boiled eggs. And both of them turn out perfectly in the instant pot eggs.

I use the recipe I found on the internet. You put a little water in the bottom, you put the little tray thing in there, and then the eggs on top and you cook them for five minutes. You let it depressure for five minutes, and then you put them in an ice bath for five minutes. And they’re perfect every single time. You must get an instant pot just to have your hard-boiled eggs because they peel.

It’s almost like the peel just falls off every single egg every single time. The peeling is perfect. And that’s one of the frustrations with eggs. And I’ve tried all the recipes that say it helps them peel and nothing works except the instant pot to have perfection every single time. So here’s what we did.

We all cleaned up. After we cleaned up dinner, I started the eggs and then we went into the living room and watched a movie. 2 hours and 14 minutes later, one of the girls walked into the kitchen and said, oh my goodness, we forgot the eggs. They had been cooking in there for 2 hours and 14 minutes. So we took them out, put them in their ice bath, and then put them in the fridge.

This morning I got up and I had two hard-boiled eggs. They peeled perfectly and they tasted great. The only thing was around the yellow yolk, they were kind of gray, which I think is common if you overcook them. I’m not sure what causes that, but I thought, isn’t it crazy that you can cook eggs for two and a half hours and they’re fine? So the moral of this story and why I’m tying it into this episode is that it’s good to set reminders.

I should have set a reminder on my phone and brought it into the living room so I heard it. But instead, I don’t know, we all just completely blanked out about the eggs cooking. And then the other thing is that things generally work out. I love that thought. It’s all going to be fine, is kind of how I’ve always thought about that.

But things generally work out. So for me, that helps me relax a little bit. I don’t need to get overly stressed. It’s just how we’re interpreting it and thinking about it. And in the long run, things are generally going to work out.

It may be all the time work out, but you probably could give me some examples. So I’m going to say things generally work out. So today I want to cover the thought that kept me from creating this podcast. Thoughts that might be keeping you from getting your business organized and systemized and then what to do about it. Four Steps so I mentioned that I did a podcast back in 2014, so I totally could have started a podcast a while ago.

In my business, I’ve been in business for a long time, but the thought that I believed that it’s going to be so much work. Oh gosh, it’s so much work. You have to be consistent. You have to do all this stuff. It’s just going to be a lot of work.

And I feel like I’m someone of few words. I don’t think that I talk a lot or have a lot to say about specific topics, but we’ll see. We’ll see how that goes. My episodes have been short so far. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe that’s really positive in your mind, but it’s going to be a lot of work. Here’s what I did. Here are the steps that changed for me. I held that thought as long as I wanted to and it’s totally okay. I don’t have to judge that.

I don’t have to think I should change. I can hold on to the thought. So once you know and you identify a goal or something that you want in your business, then you can think about what is the thought that’s keeping me from doing it. What is the thought that’s keeping me from taking action and then holding on to it if you want to keep it there? I mean, maybe realize it’s just a thought that’s keeping you from getting the result that you want.

But it’s fine. It’s okay for you to hold onto it because why? Because things generally work out in the end. It worked out. The second thing to consider is what is your reason why you would want to get the result that you want.

What is the reason why you want to change? What is the reason why I wanted to think differently about starting a podcast and getting my podcast started? So for me, I knew a podcast is a marketing tool that people can get to know you and like you and realize you’re just a human person and maybe they relate to you, maybe they like learning from you. Maybe they get results ahead of time by things that you’re teaching them in the podcast. And I love listening to podcasts.

I love getting to know people through their podcasts. So I wanted things to change. I was ready. I knew that what I offered was really valuable and a podcast was going to help get this material out into the world. So I considered my reason why the third step is to get coaching on it.

I got coaching. I heard Stephanie Gas say she’s here for the work. And when I heard her say that, it was like something opened up in my mind. So my thought was, it’s going to be a lot of work, but what if I’m here for the work? I am here for the work.

I’m willing to do the work. And it totally shifted everything for me. So all of a sudden, it could still be a lot of work. Maybe I find it easy, maybe it’s fun, but I’m here for the work. So get some coaching on it.

I like to think about the thought and say, okay, but what if it isn’t? What would it look like if it was fun? What would it look like if you created a system around it and you could get it done in 30 minutes, 2 hours, or whatever amount of time after you learned how? What if you could create a system and it wasn’t a lot of work? What would that look like?

So kind of break down your thought, and get some coaching on it. It could be self-coaching. It could be from the coach that you have. It could be from a friend. And then the fourth thing is to decide you’re going to do it, you’re going to switch your thought, you’re going to take action, and then pick the very first step.

So for me, I like when I decide to do something, to find someone, something, a course, or a coach to help me with it. And so I found Podcast Pro University by Stephanie Gas, and it was step-by-step videos of her showing me exactly what to do, what to focus on, how to edit, how to publish your podcast, what to use, every single thing that I needed. So I purchased that course and I took the course. I gave myself a deadline, and I followed the deadline, but the very first step was to decide and then pick that first thing. Decide, okay, if I’m doing it, I’m going to do it with this course and purchase the course.

So let’s look at a thought that’s common to people that keeps them from getting organized. One of them that I hear all the time is I don’t have time or some form of that thought. It’s going to take too much time. I don’t have any time. Totally.

And hold on to that thought for as long as you want. You probably can rattle off all the evidence to prove that that’s true. And that’s totally fine. Hold on to it for as long as you want. When you want to create the result that you desire, consider why.

Why do you want to create that result? Is it you want to be able to take two months off from your business and have it run by itself? Is it that you want to just work less? Hire someone, and you want to know what to give them to hire? Is it that you want to be able to find things when you need them?

You want to experience less stress. You want to experience more confidence. So what is your reason why? And then get coaching on the thought, I don’t have time. One of the questions I might ask is how much time do you need?

Maybe you do a time audit and look at how you’re spending your time. Maybe you just consider, like I did with my thought. It’s a lot of work, but I’m here for the work. It’s a lot of work, but I am here for the work. I don’t have time.

But it only takes five minutes at a time, and every day you do five minutes. So how could you get coaching? You could coach yourself. You could start to break down the thought by yourself, or you could get coached by a friend, a colleague, or your coach. And then the fourth thing, decide and pick the first step.

So you’re going to decide, okay, I am going to get organized and systemized. I’m going to begin the process in my business. And what is the very, very first step? Maybe you’re like me, and you want a program. You want a coach to help you with that.

Maybe you are a researcher, so you want to start researching. What’s the first step? Maybe you sign up for a call. You’re just going to start with your digital files like I talked about in episode one, and you sign up for a call. So together we create your digital file structure.

So what is it for you? What is the first step? Okay. Another thought that I think is super common is my brain doesn’t work like that. Hold on to that thought as long as you want.

No judgment from me. You can prove all you want that your brain doesn’t work like that. That’s fine. Step two, is when you’re ready to maybe create something that you haven’t, like an organized business. Consider what your reason why is.

Again, maybe it’s just to find things. Maybe it’s to feel more confident with your clients. Maybe it’s for your client to have a better experience because you have that nailed down. You have that process in place and then get coaching on it. So one of the things I like to ask with that thought is, my brain doesn’t work like that.

What does like that mean? How does your brain work? How could the way your brain works be perfect to get organized and just start breaking that thought down? Consider what it would be like on the opposite side of it. What if it was perfect?

What if there’s someone that could help you and the exact way that your brain works to get organized? Or again, if you add on to that, my brain doesn’t work like that, but I’m going to find someone that can help me with the way my brain does work and then decide and pick the first step. So what is the first step for your brain not working like that? Again, maybe it’s to create your five main files. Maybe it’s to write down what you did yesterday or today and pick one of the things off that and do a Loom video just showing you what your process is.

Or again, maybe it’s getting coaching, or hiring a coach to help you with it. So those are a couple of thoughts. I want you to think about it. What is a goal that you have and then what’s the thought keeping you from that? What thought is keeping you from creating that result?

And then take it through these steps. First, realize it’s a thought and be okay. You can hold on to it as long as you want. Second, consider what your reason why is that you want to change. And then third, get coaching on.

It could be self-coaching. It could be from someone else. And then finally, decide. And then pick the first step. What is the first thing that you need to do to create the result you want and just take it step by step?

I hope this was so helpful, and please let me know if you want help with that. If you have a thought, you know what thought it is, and you need me to poke some holes in it or ask you some questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram at @tracyhoth and sign up for a call with me to create your digital file structure and get an organizating system started in your business. Talk to you next week.

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Both are linked in the show notes. Until next time, have a beautiful week.

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