Doesn’t everyone want to know how to organize their CDs or their movies?:) Should you keep the cases? Or not? Should you keep the paper inserts? What if you want to sell them later and you will need the case and the papers? How will you find the one that you need quickly? Should you alphabetize them?

First, understand that there is no right or wrong answer. What are YOUR goals? How can YOU find the one you want when you want it with the least amount of hassle. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What do YOU like?
  2. Do YOU want to keep the cases? Why?
  3. Are the CDs/DVDs used in only one location within your home? Some people have more than one TV or radio and need them portable.
  4. Do you have drawer space or shelf/cabinet space available?
  5. Do you already have an organizing product that you use? What works and doesn’t work about it?

The answers to those questions should help you decide what is best for YOU!

Here are two great products that you could consider if you have been wanting to tackle this kind of organizing project…

These are leather binders that sit on a shelf:

They pull out and open with sleeves to insert the CD/DVD and paper insert (if you want to keep it).   

Then there is a portable metal box with hanging sleeves (compliments of some organized friends!!)(notice my cute husband finding a movie): 

This is nice to move from room to room. You can easily insert new disks anytime.

I found one like this here for only $16.99!! If you are a techy person you can find an application for your smart phone that organizes ALL your movies. A friend has one just like this. All his movies are logged – just by scanning the barcode – and you can search by rating, title, genre and other criteria. It even keeps track of who you lend your DVDs to. To find a movie he gets his phone, goes to the App, searches for the movie, looks in that sleeve and WHAA-LA…less than 15 seconds! For the non-techy – just print out an index! 🙂

Whenever you can use “search” take advantage of it. It is the answer to future organization!

Tracy Hoth