This is the final of four concepts that will change the way you organize and manage your home.

Organizing Rule #4 - Make one tiny change at a time to create massive organizing transformation.

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And finally…
#4 – A TINY change will create massive transformation.

Consider this concept today and see how everything shifts as you drop your old beliefs and old patterns of thinking.

Concept #4 – A TINY change will create massive transformation. 

We all want a magical, instant transformation, right?

I know I do.

I want to be a time management master, doing every single thing I put on my calendar when I schedule it…with ease.

Being super healthy, lean and fit without desiring any junk food and to have a consistent workout routine is always my desire…and of course, actually wanting to eat healthy and workout would be nice.

I want to have every space in my home neatly organized with ONLY what I love and use and need …now…without having to spend any energy getting it that way.

But…life doesn’t really work that way.

And that’s a good thing.

The work,
the friction,
the journey,
to get to our goal,
is where our growth comes.

And without growth, life would be boring. (Not sure I totally believe this but let’s go with it.)

A woman said to me,

“Yeah, they wanted me to pick one thing to donate each day. I thought that was kind of dumb. I want to see results if I’m going to do something.”

Imagine the transformation she’d have now if she’d done that tiny task every day.

How to get massive transformation.

First, imagine the transformation you want to make.

Then, back up to find one tiny thing you could begin doing today.

Time management example: Write one thing on my calendar at a specific time. When the time comes, set my timer and do it. One thing. One tiny accomplishment.

Healthy body example: Drink one glass of water right now. One thing. One tiny accomplishment.

Organizing example: Go through paper for 15 minutes. One thing. One tiny accomplishment.

After I do that today, I can do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and for a week, a month, and then when I’m consistent with that, I might add in another tiny change.

Before you know it, massive transformation.

Now it’s your turn.

It’s time for you to choose your tiny change.

First – Pick one transformation you’d like to make in your life. Just ONE.
Second – Back up and decide one tiny thing you could do today.
Third – Do it now or write it on your calendar as an appointment today.

Don’t be confused. Just decide.

Make an appointment in one month to check in. Take time to notice your results, the beginning trickles of change…of transformation.

Repeat the tiny change until you create your massive transformation. 

Don’t stop until you get there. 🙂

xo, Tracy

If you are sick of being stuck in clutter and indecision and overwhelm and ready to create a new result – like an organized you with an organized home – you’ll need to do something different than what you are doing now.

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Organizing Rule #4 - Make one tiny change at a time to create massive organizing transformation. Organizing Rule #4 - Make one tiny change at a time to create massive organizing transformation.

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