I am starting a series called Organizing Tools.

These tools are coaching tools that I use to coach myself and my clients. Use them in any area of your life and they’ll help tremendously. Here on the blog, I am going to relate them to organizing and teach you how you can get organized, become an organized person, using these tools.

Use this organizing tool called SMART QUESTIONS to find answers when you are stuck in confusion.

The first tool is called: SMART QUESTIONS.

Organizing TOOL: Smart Questions

If you live in “I Don’t Know” you will stay stuck and not move toward your goals. Your mind will live in confusion.

Move out of this stuck state by asking your brain smart questions.

Think of your brain like a computer. You are about to do a google search.

Your brain wants to come up with answers to your question. It will focus on what you ask it to do and search until it finds answers.

Your goal, and the reason this tool is so powerful, is that your brain will find new thoughts that you can believe.

Let’s get started!

First, ask your brain intelligent, positive questions.

Ask your brain effective, supportive, positive questions to get the answers you want.

An effective question is a question that supports the future you want.

For example, I wouldn’t want to ask my brain, “Why am I so bad at time management?” because it will now search for ALL the reasons I’m terrible. Your mind would be full of old thoughts that keep you stuck.

Instead I would want to ask, “How can I get more done in less time?” or “How can I become more efficient?” or “How can I finish this project by next month?”

Frame the question to get an answer, a new thought.

Example: Your goal is to organize your home.

Ask: How can I organize my home?

Then, ask the question every day at the same time.

If you want to get in the habit of asking smart questions and using your brain to find the answers, you need to do it daily.

To create a habit, attach asking your question to something you do every day. This daily task will serve as the trigger to ask your question.

Every day when you get in the shower, ask yourself your question. Each night when you go to bed, write the question in a notebook. Every morning while drinking your beverage, sit for 5 minutes asking this question and listening for your brain’s answer.

Choose ONE question until your goal is complete.

Ask ONE question only.

Ask the SAME question every day until you get an answer from your brain.

When you get an answer, try it and see if it works.

If you still haven’t reached your goal, keep asking this one question until you get another answer. Keep repeating this process until you reach your goal.


Smart question: “How am I going to pay off my debt in one year?”

Trigger: Ask this question every time I get in my car. Put a note in my car to remind myself.


Old thought: Im a messy person and will never get organized.

If you want to get organized you will have to change what you are thinking and doing.

Smart question: How can I become an organized person? or What does an organized person think and feel?

Trigger: Ask this question every day when I brush my teeth. Hang a reminder on the mirror.

Listen and look for answers. Then, do them.


Decide what result you want. 

Choose a smart question so your brain will find the answers and you will reach your goal.

Effective questions could look like this:

  • How can I pay off my debt in six months?
  • What can I do to be a better wife?
  • How can I clear out my garage so I can park there by this summer?
  • What would an organized person do today?

Ask the question every day at the same time.

Focus on only ONE question until you get answers and reach your goal.

Expect your brain to find the answers. 

Make sure the questions are supportive, not negative.

Six months from now you will be in a completely different place!

Tracy Hoth