Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes! My client is known by her friends and in her neighborhood as one of the most organized people they know!! But she was “stuck” on her pantry. She called and asked if I could help.
One key thing that she said to me was that the set of shelves as you enter the pantry were specifically made for and called “can” shelves. The only problem was that you couldn’t stack two standard size cans and space was being wasted when only one can was placed there! We all do this. We think that because we have always put sheets in a linen closet that sheets have to go in a linen closet. Another client’s house didn’t have a linen closet so we hung her sheets up on hangers in the spare bedroom closet!! It worked! So, think outside the box. Have a friend come and think along side you!
BEFORE...the shelves made for cans had to house cans, right?
Also, focus on trying to make your space as beautiful as you can when you first walk in or open the door. I wanted those “can” shelves to be uniform, neat, and appealing to the eye. We used all clear plastic bins to do this and labeled them. We used one shelf  for sauces and we reduced her cookbooks slightly so they could all fit neatly on two shelves! That is the first thing she sees now when she opens the door!
AFTER: Labeled, clear plastic bins, neatly stacked cookbooks...appealing to the eye AND useful!
Next, most pantries have boxes and cans. Free tip: Put all boxes on one shelf and all cans on another. Within those two category you can arrange more specifically. For example, group all breakfast items together, pasta items together, etc.
BEFORE: A little confusing even though everything is labeled and lots of containers are used.
AFTER: Boxes together, cans together, breakfast together = appealing to the eye AND easy to put things away!

Finally, use square baskets in pantries to house like items – chips, pasta bags, rice, snacks, etc. They are beautiful the shelf. If you housed baking supplies in one you could just pull it out when baking and have everything at your fingertips.

Good, quality BASKETS that won't snag are a useful addition to house like items. These are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Share your favorite tips for organizing your pantry!

Tracy Hoth