Cute & classy organizing products can aid us in our 5th step of organizing (read about the 5 steps here and here) – Maintain. Below are two pictures of a portable action file that I made. The purpose of the action file is to temporarily house paper coming into your home. Every piece of paper coming in should have a place to go. It could be recycled, thrown out, filed, returned immediately to a backpack or your car for delivery OR housed in your action file.

Creating an action file is easy. This is a service I offer and is very customizable to meet your needs. You can also make one on your own. This action file is housed in a DiVoga Desktop File Bin from Office Max (only in stores). It is made of a clear, hard plastic so that you can purchase any decorative file folder to match your decor, slide a file folder in the front and back and, “Wahhh La”, you have made it cute & classy or fun & colorful or simple & satisfying, whatever your taste.

Then, as you sort through your piles of paper see what kind of compartments (files with tabs) you need. In the photo you can see some basic examples people might use. The key is to remember that this is a temporary holding spot – not meant for permanent papers that need to be archived. Enjoy making your Freedom Action File (and of course, send me a photo)! If all that sounds overwhelming go to the product page of my website and order yours today!

Go through one stack of papers today and get them put away! Let me know how it goes! Happy Wednesday!
Tracy Hoth