Did you know? YOU are the perfect person to get organized.

Did you know YOU are the perfect person to get organized? Find out why.

YOU – the one who’s never done it before.

YOU – the one who is terrible at making decisions.

YOU – the one that has all the kids and spouse that makes a mess behind you.

YOU – the one that has laundry piles everywhere and can’t seem to keep up.

YOU – the one that has inherited all your parents’ stuff.

YOU – the one that is a “messy” and has been your whole life.

YOU – the one that doesn’t have any time!

YOU – the one that wants to give up.

Yes, YOU.

Maybe you’re thinking…

Maybe your first question is, “But, how? I’ve never been able to…”

Maybe your first thought is, “But, I’ve tried. And failed. For years.”

Maybe you can’t imagine how your life could be if you were organized because you’ve NEVER been organized before. You’ve never even thought that far ahead because it seems impossible. It HAS been impossible for you.

Maybe you are thinking, “I just don’t have time.”

Or, maybe you think, “I have a hard time letting go of things.”


You are the perfect person to get organized.

You’ve never been organized and kept it that way before. So, who better than you?

The organized person is already organized. They don’t need to GET organized.

But, YOU do.

You are the perfect person to do something you’ve never done before.

Okay, if you are excited and want to get organized. If you’re buying into these suggestions…

Then what?

Take time this week to consider these thoughts.

Ask yourself, “What if these thoughts COULD become true for me?”

They don’t have to be true right now, but what if they could be one day? They are true for other people, right? Someone out there. Since they are true for someone, it is at least possible (even if you think unlikely) that they could be true for you one day. So consider them. Imagine believing them.

“It’s easy to organize.”

“I have just the right amount of time to get my home organized.”

“I can figure out exactly what to do, one step at a time.”

“I am 100% committed to getting my home organized.”

“I will not stop until I get organized.”

“I am good at making decisions.”

“Making decisions is easy.”

“I love organizing.”

“I have routines in place to keep my home organized.”

“Laundry is simple.”

What else? What else could be possibly true?

“You are amazing at organizing?”

“Being disorganized is a thing in my past?”

This WILL be you if you want it to be.

If you overcome your obstacle thoughts, the ones that keep you stuck in your disorganized state, you WILL get organized. You WILL begin to think like an organized person. You WILL begin to believe it’s possible and take action, moving in the direction of the organized, peaceful home you want. And, the organized, peaceful routines that will keep it like that.

Does that mean it will be easy?

No. I’m definitely not saying it will be easy.

We will have to do things we don’t feel like doing in the moment. We will have to feel uncomfortable. We will take risks, try things we’ve never tried, do things we totally suck at doing, keep doing things that might not feel fun. Practice.

And, love ourselves while we do all of it.

My coach said today, “Don’t make it harder, by wishing it was easier.”

Let’s not wish it was easier.

Let’s just go for hard.

Hard means growth.

Hard means we’ll come out on the other side prouder, having accomplished something BIG.

Why not go for BIG!

We watch the show Alone on the History channel. The show where they drop people off all alone in the arctic in different locations. They are doing something BIG. Finding food is HUGE. Living in freezing temperatures is BIG. Being all alone, doing all the work, never seeing another person isn’t fun.

Are you ready to do something BIG? Are you ready to organize and do every task even when you don’t feel like it? Are you ready to learn some tools that will help you in this transformation?

Ready to do this organizing thing once and for all?

YOU are the perfect person to get organized.

And I just may be the perfect person to help you.

Let’s do it TODAY. Start, take a risk, and make an appointment for a FREE call. Start the BIG and the HARD with the free call. I’m ready! Ready to help you. Are you ready?

You ARE the perfect person to get organized!

Did you know YOU are the perfect person to get organized? Find out why. Did you know YOU are the perfect person to get organized? Find out why.

Tracy Hoth