Since we are in the midst of holiday parties, decorating, planning for gift giving, cleaning our homes to get ready for company, etc. I wanted to share some random acts of organizing that you can do quickly, while carrying out regular activities!

Then, I am sharing some fun links that I have come across while getting ready for the holidays – gifts, food and activity ideas!

Don’t get overwhelmed. Just choose ONE to try this month!


  • Laundry Room: While you are fluffing the clothes in the dryer take those five minutes and clear off the top of the washer/dryer. Wipe it clean. Throw away any cleaners you are not using. Rearrange the soaps (can they go IN a cabinet?) so that your laundry room looks neat and tidy!
  • Kitchen: While your dinner is cooking take 10 minutes to clean out your silverware drawer. Pull everything out. Wipe it out (how do crumb-y things get in there, anyway!?). Get rid of old baby utensils, non-matching flatware, chewed-up sippy cup straws, and gadgets you don’t use.
  • Car: Next time while filling your tank with gas climb in the car and get ALL the trash out. Look under seats, in side door pockets, etc. Assign vacuuming it to a family member or go have it done!
  • Living Room: While watching TV take the drawer of an end table, dump it out in front of you, sort, purge, and put things away! Assign a purpose to the drawer and only put what belongs in it. One of our drawers is used for the cords of devices that we charge. Another is used for remotes. Another is used for decks of cards!
  • Bedroom: Before you get in bed take time to clear off your dresser! Put your jewelry away, dust, throw out old perfume you haven’t used, put your clothes away, take medicine to the medicine cabinet (or one location for all meds). I have seen some dressers where, to complete this task, you  would be up all night! If this is you then put 10 things on your dresser away before going to bed!
  • Refrigerator: Each time you pull out the milk (or juice, or ??) clear out one bin in the refrigerator door. Are items expired? Wash out the bin and as you restock wipe down the products and put like items back in the same bin (condiments in one, dressings in one, etc.)
  • Bathrooms: Which bathroom will your holiday guests be using? Walk into it as if you are a guest. If possible take everything out except what you need (toilet paper, soap refill, towels, candle refill). Can you get rid of everything else? Be realistic. If you haven’t put up that towel bar that has been in the cabinet for 5 years do it now or donate it!

Here are other random, inspiring links and ideas:

  • Do you have to bring food to a holiday party? Here are 15 Christmas party food ideas from Six Sister’s Stuff.
  • Or, maybe you want some breakfast ideas to impress your guests? Here are 20 Christmas breakfast ideas from the six sisters!
  • Here is the Candy Cane Dessert Squares recipe I am making to go with my Christmas eve dinner.
  • And, look at these special snowman pancakes I will make Christmas Eve morning with my mom and my kids! Perfect breakfast for a snow day, too!
  • Need ideas for teacher gifts – perfect for school, church, coaches, etc.? Here are 57 CREATIVE teacher gift ideas each with cute sayings. Alter the saying a bit and use it for someone other than a teacher, too. I found this list a long time ago and do not remember where it is from in order to give credit to them. If you know please contact me.

Here are some free, or inexpensive activities to do as a family…

  1. Have a Christmas Campout in the living room by the Christmas tree. No TV. Sing Christmas carols.
  2. Do you Geocache? Learn more about geocaching here. Use an app on your smart phone. We have been doing this for years! So fun but the best part is it is free…and everywhere!
  3. Light Night Surprise: Put the kids to bed. Wake them up an hour later. Pile them in the car in their pajamas with popcorn and drinks. Drive around looking at the Christmas lights! I found  a few of these ideas at Organized Home.
  4. Go to the library. Let the kids browse for  awhile. Pick out Christmas (or your holiday) books and read one each night as a family.
  5. Take a day trip. Go to a small town candy store (here is one near us), visit the animal shelter (call ahead to see if you can walk the dogs or play with the cats), visit a local farm (here is one near us and is only $5 per person. They let you taste their root beer, banana and orange cream milk!) or go hiking on a trail you’ve never hiked before (we always do this when visiting my sister!).

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy! Relax. Get ready to organize your home in the new year so you stay sane and LOVE being there!

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Tracy Hoth