I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution maker for several reasons….

  • I have failed enough times at what I set out to do that setting a big goal feels defeating…Maybe I would fail again.
  • Statistically the chances  of following through with a New Year’s Resolution are slim.
  • I have learned to think in shorter periods of time – 30 days. I can set a 30-day goal each month all year long.

But, I do love the feeling of the new year – the possibilities, the freshness, the natural start date, etc.

So for that reason I do like to think about the possibilities… How do I want to feel when I look back on this year? What would I be most excited about accomplishing this year?

Then, break that down into a 30-day time period. What do I need to accomplish in January? February?

Then, break January down into each week. What do I need to the first week?

Now you have a focus for 7 days instead of a New Year’s Resolution! You can do anything for 7 days! And, then another thing for another 7 days!

Let’s walk through an example…

Imagining you are looking back over 2013. You would be thrilled to organize your home (isn’t that everyone’s goal?). You would love to be able to walk in and NOT see piles of paper. You would feel peaceful and calm beginning your day and ending your day in a room with a dresser that is not piled with clutter and a closet that only holds the clothes that fit and look great on you!

What would you need to accomplish in January? Starting with the place you start and end your day you choose to assign your bedroom to January. Your closet to February. Your paper piles to March. And, so on!!

What would you need to accomplish in week 1? January is the bedroom. Week 1 – Surface of the dresser. Day 1: SORT. Day 2: PURGE. Day 3: ASSIGN A HOME. Day 4: Continue! Week 2: Clear floors. Week 3: Drawers.

Set an accountability appointment. Read about deadlines and accountability appointments here. Call your neatest, most organized friend and invite him/her over to check out your bedroom on January 31st. Treat them to their favorite drink.

START NOW! Get out a cute notebook or use a big calendar and sticky notes and start planning! Don’t forget to set those accountability appointments! 

Tracy Hoth