Here are all the organizing resources, products and services we love and recommend. Everything from ideas on how to donate your belongings, local Kansas City metro area service providers and our favorite web resources, videos, books and blogs. I’ve also included my printer ink service that I love and my Amazon affiliate link! Enjoy.

Favorite Organizing Products

Here is a post of my favorite organizing products. 

Electronics and More

Recycle your electronics and appliances (and even rechargeable batteries, ink cartridges, gaming parts, old cameras, cell phones, and your outdated GPS). Find out what Best Buy will take here. I drove up to the store, told them I had a computer and monitor to recycle, they brought out a cart and unloaded it from my car. It was that easy!

Organizing Videos

Here are my favorite YouTubers on Organizing.


Make it easier to let go of your things by giving them to a meaningful charity. Here are a few.

Use the Salvation Army Valuation Guide to find the value of your donated items.

Other Resources

  • Paper Shredding – PROShred specializes in secure shredding services and document destruction. Find one in your area.
  • Pantry Retention Guide – Is this food item still good? Find out at Shelf Life Guide.
  • Clutter Free Gift Ideas – Read this post for tons of resources and links to find gift ideas that won’t add clutter to your life.
  • Paint Disposal – Full cans can be taken to Restore. Completely dried up paint cans can be thrown in the trash. Leave empty cans open to dry out or use kitty litter to dry up almost empty cans. Partial paint cans need to be disposed at a hazardous waste location.

Kansas City Area Resources

  • Recycle – Recycle Spot is Kansas City Metro Area’s one-stop spot for recycling, reuse and waste reduction information. Search for the item you want to recycle and it will find a location near you!!
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal – Check your city or county website. Clay County hazardous waste information is mine.

Kansas City Area Service Providers

The following service providers have been used and/or recommended by my clients or myself.

Other resources we love

Some of these may be affiliate links. It helps us greatly if you click through our link. Here is our full disclosure.

  • InstaInk – Use this link to learn more and sign up for a monthly subscription for HP printer ink. I pay $2.99/month for printer ink to print up to 50 sheets. I can go over that or increase my subscription if I need to. Ink is mailed to me before my printer runs out. Use this link to learn more and if you subscribe you and I will both get a month for free! (I purchased black and colored ink cartridges from Best Buy when I bought my printer that cost MORE than a whole year of this subscription. I returned them and signed up for InstaInk.)
  • BluChic Wordpress Themes – Our website theme is from BluChic. We love it. Their response time when we submit a question is amazing. Check them out using our affiliate link here.
  • Who doesn’t love AMAZON. If you use my affiliate link here I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase anything. This helps me share valuable info with you here on the site. I posted my top 10 favorite organizing products here. 

Are you a BLOGGER? These resources have helped: