Almost everyone struggles with paper! Use these paper organizing resources to help you get a grip on the paper and email in your life.

STOP the junk mail! 

  • – The official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website to accept and process requests from consumers to Opt-In or Opt-Out of firm offers for credit or insurance. Stop receiving credit card offers for 5 YEARS! You can also call the Opt Out request line: 888-567-8688
  • – Stop getting the mail you don’t want and start getting the mail you do want. Reducing the amount of mail you receive will free up your time and your clutter!
  • – cancel catalogs you get in the mail.
  • – Simplify you email inbox all in one place by unsubscribing from emails subscriptions.

What papers do I keep and for how long?

These paper retention guides will help you decide what you need to keep and for how long.

Protect your ID.

  • Guard Your ID Stamp – Instead of shredding every address and document use this stamp to quickly guard your ID.

3 Tools to Organize Paper.

  • The Inbox.
  • The Action File.
  • The File Cabinet

Product Links:


The best hanging files

Desktop file box OR at The Container Store’s file boxes

Plastic File Tote (portable)

Tickler file

3 How Questions.

  • Tracy’s_3_HOW_Questions PDF. (Learn more here.)
  • How can I get rid of this paper? (shred, recycle, out/others, etc)
  • How can I get this done on time? (Do it now if it will take 2 minutes or less. Temporary and action papers use the Action File.)
  • How can I find this when I need it? (Use the File Cabinet. Use broad file names.)

Tracy’s (old) video series to help you keep your paper organized.