Are you ready to tackle a small project? The bathroom countertop can be a constant mess challenge. It gets used every day – most likely twice a day! Removing everything from the counter and storing it in a cabinet would be great but the reality is that it becomes a pain (in the back) to bend over and pull things out of a lower cabinet AND then to bend over and put them back twice a day! Most people will not maintain that system and the countertop returns back to being a mess unorganized! That is why I am a fan of “reality” organizing.

Here is an example of a real life countertop that is unorganized. Can you relate at all!? Stuff has accumulated…and now it is crammed in the corner…somewhat of an eye sore to start your day!

In addition to looking bad it tends to be unclean, too, because wiping down the countertop means lifting each item separately…a time consuming activity.

“What is the best way to organize this?” you ask. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Sort your countertop items into two piles:
    • what you use everyday or at least every other day
    • what you use less frequentl
  2. Ask yourself if you have more countertop space, back of the door space or wall space. This helps you decide if you should use the wall to store regularly used items (in a cabinet that you hang or mount), the door (in an over-the-door organizer with individual pockets), on the countertop (in a container), or a little of all three!
  3. Choose products that are ATTRACTIVE to you AND durable and the right size to hold your items.

Pretty simple, eh?

Here is the after picture of this countertop:

Is that not the cutest basket? It was purchased at Pier 1 for $10.00. The webbing is a plastic-y material so that if it does get wet it won’t ruin the container.

Try using a temporary container first – an old tupperware or planter to check size and see if you even like it before going and purchasing something. Then you can take the temporary container with you to find just the right size!

From now on the countertops can remain organized, kept clean easily and if you want to clear it off for company it takes just one hand to move the basket inside a cabinet!!!

How do you keep your bathroom countertop organized?

Tracy Hoth