Most of you are very capable women (or men.) But, if you’re so smart, why can’t you get organized?

If you are so smart, why can't you get organized?

You have accomplished a lot. Graduated from high school and possibly college. Gotten promotions at work. Raised kids. Learned new tasks. Volunteered. Took on leadership positions. Home-schooled. Planned parties. Earned certifications.

But your home is still disorganized.

It’s the one task that you haven’t yet conquered.

You haven’t figured out how to keep your paper in order, your counters cleared and your things put up.

Guess what?

Nothing has gone wrong.

Nothing is wrong with you.

You are not flawed.

You do not have to beat yourself up over this.

There is just a sentence you believe that is creating this result, this disorganization.

What is the sentence?

What you THINK, just a sentence, creates a FEELING within you. That feeling drives your ACTIONS.

If you are not taking the actions you want, organizing your stuff, it is ONLY because of a sentence you are thinking.

The KEY is to figure out the sentence.

What is the sentence keeping you stuck in disorganization?

Here are some possibilities you might be thinking:

I don’t have time.

I’m not good at organizing.

My family messes up any progress I make.

I’m not a routine person.

I don’t really care. Being organized doesn’t really matter.

Take a moment and think about this.

Why are you not organized right now?

Ask yourself, “Why am I not organized right now?”

The answer to this is ONE thing = your thought. This thought, or belief, is keeping you stuck.

But, just to be sure, ask “Why?” a few more times.

For example:

Q: Why are you not organized?

A: I do not have enough time to organize.

Q: Why don’t you have enough time?

A: I don’t plan well.

Q: Why don’t you plan well?

A: I’ve always been bad at time management.

Find the sentence.

You are not organized because you THINK you have “always been bad at time management.

Then, when you THINK “I’ve always been bad at time management” you FEEL discouraged.

Feeling discouraged drives ACTIONS like: beating yourself up, not even bothering to plan, giving up, reading books about time management, following people on social media who teach time management – checking out their instagram stories or blog posts or podcasts instead of organizing, taking a nap, saying you’ll start next week, shopping for a new table, shelf or bin, etc.

Therefore, these actions RESULT in managing your time poorly. 

The result proves your thought true. It provides evidence that your thought is true. You probably even believe your thought IS true.

Your thought created the result. Not the stuff. Or your lack of time. It’s not your family. Not your mom’s lack of teaching you. Remember, it’s not because you were born this way either.

It’s just because of your thought.

What thought is creating disorganization for you?

Recognizing this is the first step.

The work I do as a coach is to help my clients find the thought and help them see what it is creating in their life. I help them learn what to do after they’ve found the thought in order to change their results. It’s transformational! And it’s the only way to create lasting results.

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If you are so smart, why can't you get organized? If you are so smart, why can't you get organized?

Tracy Hoth