Tracy Hoth, Kansas City SpeakerTracy Hoth is available to {inspire} and instruct your group, large or small, today!

Does your group, or team, desire to be more productive?

Do they need hope that the overwhelming IS possible?!

Tracy passionately shares the impact being organized has on your business, your life, your home, your relationships and the future!

Choose a workshop that is a right fit for your group or contact Tracy to ask about a customized presentation. You can be certain that Tracy will not only instruct and inspire but that your members will leave equipped with simple, practical ACTION steps. They will have…

  • MORE clarity
  • become MORE productive
  • and be MORE motivated to do the important things each day!



Skyrocket Your Productivity!

Do you walk into your office and ask, “What should I do today?” Never again! Learn the most important question to ask yourself each morning. Walk away knowing…

  • What your “one thing” is
  • How to get the most important things done FIRST each day
  • How to confidently perform ON TIME, not missing valuable opportunities
  • The 3-How Questions to process every piece of paper you have

Just watch your productivity soar out of this world!



Organize Your Paper…From Piles to Productive!

Imagine finding papers when you need them and having your tables, countertops and desk free of paper piles!! You will learn how to…

  • Reduce paper coming in
  • Process paper using a command center and Tracy’s 3How?s™
  • Perform  your tasks ON TIME
  • Maintain it all for optimal performance!

Don’t let paper rule your existence! Become a Super-Paper-Hero and take back control!



Organizing Your Home – Stay Sane & Love Being There

When you walk into your home do you feel calm and peaceful or stressed and weighed down? Do you know what you have and can you find it when you need it? Learn…

  • Where to start
  • What steps to take
  • How to handle the overwhelming paper epidemic
  • What questions to ask to help make decisions
  • And more!

Tracy offers hope through personal stories and specific instructions. She has a heart of a teacher and will make sure you have FUN and leave with a plan!