Memory Bin TeleclassCreate Your Child’s Memory Bin So They Will Enjoy it for a Lifetime!

Is this you?

  • You are passionate about your family
  • You try to be a good parent
  • You want your child(ren) to learn to be organized!

But some things are missing like…

  • A system to deal with papers coming in
  • Learned skills to get and stay organized
  • Ideas and a plan for teaching your child(ren) to be organized

If you are overwhelmed by paper and have piles of precious memories shoved in bags, boxes, closets with no plan in place then this is for you!!

In this 50 minute instant, downloadable teleclass you will learn…

  • How to set goals for the collection and storage of your child’s memories
  • How to decide what to keep and what to get rid
  • What supplies are needed and how to make a SIMPLE memory bin
  • How to set up a system to deal with the all the memories that come into your home every day
  • How to handle all the old stuff that is stashed in various places
  • How to enjoy the memory bins WITH your kids
  • Ways to teach and practice organization skills with your children

You will receive:

  • Instant, downloadable teleclass recording
  • Notes in color with step-by-step instructions, specific assignments and pictures of the products you need!

Listen to the audio, take notes, do the assignments and LOVE the results…All this at your fingertips to take action immediately!

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