Well, Hello!

Do you feel overwhelmed with the state of your home?

Does it take an hour just to find that one dress you want to wear because it’s buried in your closet?

Are you stressed at the thought of someone dropping by your house?

If that’s you, and you’re sick of it, then it’s time to take action and get organized. I’m here to help YOU get Simply Squared Away.

Top 3 Tips to Start Organizing

1. COMMIT – to just one thing. 
2. PLAN – Make an appointment on your calendar.
3. SET UP ACCOUNTABILITY – Set a date and time for your accountability partner to come see what you have done. (According to the American Society of Training and Development your chance of completing a goal is 95 percent if you do this.)

I am here to help you simplify and organize your life.

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Who Am I?

Find out more about me here.

How I can help


If you are in the Kansas City metro area and would like help from a professional organizer, I do still organize occasionally. I do out of town organizing projects occasionally, too, especially if you live near a beach. Contact me here.

“Love Your Life” Private Coaching:

My private coaching program combines the practical, strategy-focused organizing steps with the essential mindset tools to help you transform into the organized person you’ve always wanted to be. Who, of course, creates an organized home and life they love. Schedule a free call with me here to learn more. On the call I will lead you through some questions that will help you determine your next step. Our call will be very relaxed with no pressure.

Organized Life Academy:

This is my group program. In the Academy we constrain, focus on one area a month, practice planning, learn the organizing and mindset foundations, meet on weekly calls, and so much more. Click here to learn more.

The Blog:

There are all sorts of free resources, podcast interviews, and resource pages on my blog. Click here to start with the most recent posts. Here are some popular posts.

10 Things I do to keep paper organized – If I don’t I’ll be overwhelmed and have piles and piles of paper everywhere.

My Interview on FOX4 – I share some simple organizing tips.

The Ultimate Closet Organizing Makeover – A working woman needed help with her out-of-control closet. She wasn’t even using it in the mornings. The clothes she wore were kept in her bathroom hanging off of the door. It made her feel ashamed and embarrased. Can you relate?

6 Simple Steps to Start Organizing – What is stopping you?

More organizing coming your way…

I am focused on four area that I think will help you (and me!) the most:

  1. Personal home projects – I am organizing, simplifying and letting go plus updating and redecorating. Fun! I post a lot of this in Organized Life Academy.
  2. Routines – I will  try to  create and implement routines in order to organize and simplify my life. Believe me, I am the most non-routine person you’ll ever meet. This is super challenging for me. But, I know it can help me stay on top of things. Hopefully my struggle will help you, too.
  3. My story – I want to share the story of my son’s accident that caused him to become a quadriplegic, how the beautiful community came around us, and how we trusted that the Lord was walking beside us through out this journey and even prepared me for this tragedy. Start reading Part One: God Prepared Me.
  4. YOU – I want to learn about you. I’m committed to helping you figure out what is keeping you stuck and how you can shift your mindset into the person who has the organized home you desire.

Final Thoughts

There is hope. Do not be discouraged.

The marathon runner did not go outside one day and just run a marathon. They put their shoes on, walked out the door, put one foot in front of another, and probably walked a lot of their first workout. They hired a coach and joined a group of runners in training.

Email me now for help, read the blog for encouragement and organizing info, commit to 10 minutes a day and establish one routine into your day. Start organizing one small space by putting an appointment on your calendar and keeping it.

You CAN do this.  Thanks for stopping by!



Simply Squared Away Organizing. 1. Commit to just one thing 2. Plan. Write it on your calendar/block time for it. 3. Use accountability. See Tracy's interview!  Simply Squared Away Organizing. 1. Commit to just one thing 2. Plan. Write it on your calendar/block time for it. 3. Use accountability. See Tracy's interview!

Tracy Hoth