Focusing on your problems will NOT make them go away. Focusing on your disorganization will NOT get you organized. Learn how to STOP focusing on the problem and instead, learn what to START focusing on.

STOP doing this if you want to get organized. This one thing will ignite your actions to get you moving towards organization!

Do you ever do last minute cleaning right before company comes?

Things like quickly wiping a cabinet or a spot on the floor?

Then, hypothetically, while you’re down on the floor, you see a spot on the stove and then the splatters on the wall and then the fuzzy hair clump stuck to the bottom of the felt pad on the leg of the chair and then the other leg and then the other chair….

It’s like it never ends, right?

I just did this the other day. So much dirt I hadn’t noticed before. ALL the stuff that needs to be cleaned!

More evidence of our problems.

When we focus on our “problems” our brain looks for more evidence that we have problems.

Our problems becomes bigger, even bigger than we think we can manage. And pretty soon we can’t think of anything else. Except the problems and all the evidence that have problems.

For example, someone may think – My desk is piled with papers. I need to go through them. But, I don’t know where to start. My kitchen is a mess, too. That’s why I can’t lose weight and eat healthy. My family never cleans up after themselves. Oh no, I missed the event last week because my calendar system is disorganized. Who am I kidding, my life is a disorganized mess. So is my brain. And on and on.

The source of our emotions.

Our emotions come from the thoughts we choose to focus on.


Our emotions come from thoughts we choose to focus on.

If we are focusing on our problems, what do you think our emotions will be? Overwhelmed or frustrated or exhausted?

Our emotions of overwhelm or frustration or exhaustion come from our thoughts about all the things we need to do to get organized, all the areas that are disorganized, all the time we don’t have, and all the other things we need to get done.

Instead, focus on the solution.

But what if instead, we focus on who we wanted to become? The solution.

Imagine the possibility of your organized life with everything in its place, with no clutter on the surfaces, with you having developed the skill of organizing so clutter is never a problem again.


Here’s a quick example…

We’ll call her Betty.

She has clutter all around her. Her spare room is full of stuff. Paper piles are on most surfaces. Every cabinet is crammed full.

Focusing on the clutter leaves her feeling overwhelmed. So much work! So many decisions.

ACTIONS do not come from feeling overwhelmed.


Focusing on the possibility, on being an organized person, someone that lives in a simplified home, someone that doesn’t struggle with paper, someone that has empty cabinets and shelves…

This will leave her feeling excited. Maybe even determined.

ACTIONS come from excitement.

ACTIONS come from feeling determined.

What will YOU choose to focus on?

The problem? Or, the solution?

The future-you who has figured out and solved for the problem is encouraging you to focus on the solution. 🙂

What you choose to think about will create your feeling. Those feelings will drive two totally different actions and outcomes.

Start moving toward organization.

  1. Your first action could be as simple as planning to spend 10 minutes a day imagining your life with organized spaces, cleared counter tops, less stuff, neatly filed papers, etc.

2. Then, use the Smart Questions tool to direct your brain to search for answers to get organized. A good example of a smart question might be, “What will help me grow my organizing muscle this month?”

3. Maybe your next action is to schedule some organizing appointments on your calendar in one chosen spot. Start simple. Start slow.

4. You could take an organizing course.

5. Or, maybe you are ready to go all in and make this happen in 10 weeks! If so, let’s do it through one-on-one coaching. 

How coaching helps you get organized.

Coaching helps you learn tools to become a simplified and organized person instead of focusing on your clutter problem. When you do this you will naturally take actions to simplify and organize your home. I teach you how to do all of this.

If you are an empty-nester and are ready to simplify and organize your home and life, schedule a call with me on my calendar here and I’ll share with you my coaching program I made JUST for you! Or, please forward to someone else you know that might be interested!

Focus on the solution!

Now, direct your brain to think about your end result = imagine your organized self in the home you love with everything in its place.


STOP doing this if you want to get organized. This one thing will ignite your actions to get you moving towards organization! STOP doing this if you want to get organized. This one thing will ignite your actions to get you moving towards organization!

Tracy Hoth