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This month, we’re introducing innovative and inspiring ways to be successful with your New Year’s resolutions.


Fitness Un-Resolutions for 2013

Posted By: Alicen at Former Fitness Flunky

Description: Tired of making the same old fitness resolutions year after year?  Try a new approach to goal setting by making “un-resolutions”.  You might just find that changing your way of thinking about resolutions changes your whole fitness outlook for 2013.

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Resolutions 2013

Posted by: Tracy Hoth | Professional Organizer & Speaker | Simply Squared Away

Description: I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution maker for several reasons…. But, I do love the feeling of the New Year – the possibilities, the freshness, the natural start date, etc. So, for that reason I do like to think about the possibilities… How do I want to feel when I look back on this year? What would I be most excited about accomplishing this year? Join me as I walk through an example.

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New Year’s Intentions

Posted by: Nancy Steele, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Self-Help Instructor

Description: The New Year is like this empty page as I start to write. Wide open with possibility, it calls us to create, explore, and expand. We often respond with New Year’s Resolutions, promises we make to ourselves or others for some action or behavior we believe will improve us. We review the year just past and set our intention to do things differently, start something new, or…

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The False Assumptions That Sabotage Your Success

Posted by: Judy Widener, Inner Frontiers Life Coaching

Description: Albert Einstein said: Nothing happens until something moves. How does this relate to your New Year’s resolutions? The answer may surprise you.

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Which tip(s) will you put into practice this year?


Tracy Hoth