Today is Take Your Child to Work Day. Cayden, my second born, went with my husband to work and Bridget, my eight year old, is coming with me to work. The other two children get to attend next year.

Before leaving for our client (who graciously agreed to allow Bridget to come) we had some work to do around here. First, we cleaned up the kitchen after everyone was off to school. That is really fun work! 🙂 Then, we took our picture, downloaded it, resized it, and now will publish a blog post. After that, off to our clients house who moved recently and needs help moving furniture. She is also getting ready for a yard sale so we will be carrying yard sale items up and down and pricing to get ready for Saturday’s sale. We are glad Bridget is there to help!! My client has done such a great job purging and has a LOT of very nice yard sale items!

The most exciting part for Bridget…my client has a baby AND two dogs!! Bridget has been looking forward to this day all week! She will be very busy helping with the trio! Off for a full, fun day with my daughter!!

Is your child attending “work” with anyone?

Tracy Hoth