“Tracy, You do amazing work! I cannot tell you how much it will improve my stress level and/or the time it will save me having my closet and pantry in such amazing shape! I truly could not do what you do. Thank you again for your wonderful work, Tracy.”

— Diane Brenemen
Leawood, KS

“You will never know how grateful I am for all that you’ve done for me & my family…you far exceeded my expectations & gave us hope and relief – a huge weight off our shoulders! You are the greatest!!…Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

— Beth, Kansas City, MO

“Thank you so much for coming to Topeka and being the star of our “organize your goals, time and stuff” event. WE thought you were fabulous!”

— Hills Pet Nutrition’s Women Empowered Network

“My kitchen desk area has always been a paper clutter magnet. Tracy designed a simple and efficient system to track all my incoming papers. It’s been so wonderful. Now my entire family knows where to find that elusive field trip permission slip or company picnic flyer. Thanks, Tracy!!!”

— Chelle, Kansas City

“The e-book is wonderful. The kitchen knife item is excellent! I have my 6” Wusthof, and love it. I actually color sorted my clothes and I love it! Another thing that helps keep my aggravation level down is I’ve started keeping my empty hangers at one end of the clothes rod. If I pull something out to wear, I have to add the hanger with the other empties. That way I can always quickly find one at the end of the day, and on laundry day, I don’t have to rummage. All good! The journey to freedom continues! Thanks again.”

— Joyce, Kansas City

“Tracy, I enjoyed your teleclass – great job! As an aside, my 36-year old daughter and I recently looked at the papers I’d saved…and had such a good time laughing and reminiscing together. She was laughing so hard at some of the things she’d written she had tears streaming down her face! She was having friends over that night and had to show off her childhood treasures to them. I know it meant so much to her that I took the time to save some of her treasures in an organized fashion and showed the love I have for her.”

— Terri Stephens, CPO, CRTS, Real Order Professional Organizing, LLC

“Hi Tracy! I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did today! I felt so encouraged and empowered after you left, like I might actually be ready for this baby! I just wish I would have come in contact with you years ago! You would have saved me so much despair! I just can’t thank you enough. Thanks again, Tracy! I am SO excited and have now started thinking of all the other areas I’d love to get to. I think this will help me so much more than anything, a doula, baby nurse, meals, whatever. This is just so helpful.”

— Lisa, Kansas

“Tracy, Thank you for all your wonderful help and guidance. Our office looks fantastic; we certainly needed your professional help!”

— Tom Lally, Heartland Habitat for Humanity

“I just had to email you and tell you what my 10 year old said: “I kind of like that organizing lady. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be here.”……We were working on homework and needed to get to an online book via some information I had put in his folder in the computer armoire and it was right there handy, with the ‘Family Folders’ (easy to locate) and then we put it back nicely and I told him where to find it next time….I want my whole house to be organized!” 🙂

— CLG, Overland Park, Kansas

“I would recommend Tracy to anyone. She is easy to work with and has good ideas for organizing any room. She also gets in there and helps you with the reorganizing and helps you decide what to throw away.”

— Chuck and Ann Taylor, Kansas

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my office now. It’s GREAT! I’ve been keeping it up, and my kitchen table is better since I’m not putting things there anymore (it’s almost cleared now)and I just love to be in here anymore. I’ve traveled and it’s not been a problem catching up with the mail anymore. I put the shredder under the desk so I can shred easier as I go and it helps me keep up with the mail too. Sometimes I just enter the bills online so they’re done and I don’t even have to use the file folder. I’m still taking things out of the “action” file, but I’m keeping surfaces cleaned off and that’s great! My daughter saw the boxes for my shelves on the video cam and loves them! Thanks so much for all your help!”

— Keli Kincaid

“Simply Squared Away’s services were very beneficial. The paper and organization load in my business had become overwhelming as the business grew – the growth gave me less time to take care of the day to day filing/cleaning, etc and it also created more “stuff” that needed to be dealt with – a real dog chasing its tail. Tracy was able to see through the mess I had created, create a plan and help me implement it.”

— Stan Welch

“Investing in Tracy to help me restore order to my home is one of the most beneficial actions I’ve ever taken. Her hands-on organizing of my home has allowed me to witness a wonderful transformation of my surroundings, participate in same and learn from an A+ organizing professional in action vs just reading a book written by one. Tracy is a master at her craft; you should see my lovely home now and the systems in place to help keep it that way. The icing on the cake is that she truly is as her website states –NON-JUDGMENTAL, compassionate, fun and inspiring. I cannot say enough good about my experience with Simply Squared Away. It has been positively life changing.”

— VB | Shawnee, KS

Her coaching counsel provided a platform for me to discuss and find solutions to my organizing and housekeeping hangups and roadblocks. It also developed in me an understanding of the mindset and skillset necesssary to maintain a beautiful, well-kept home. I cannot say enough good about my experience with Simply Squared Away. It has been positively life changing.”

— VB, Shawnee, KS

Great job, Tracy! You are a natural. Keep speaking, sharing and organizing! Inspirational!

— Women’s Connection Attendee

Thanks for your lovely newsletter and the great calls with other professionals and coaches. You are inspiring me to keep taking the next step on my own journey, and it is a wonderful adventure! Keep up the great work!

— Liesel Martin, Newsletter subscriber

I really appreciate you so much. All last week, I was thinking about what a God-send you are. I am looovvvving my “new” closet!

— Mom, Overland Park, KS

It is such a pleasure working with you. Thanks for the time we spent looking at ways I could simplify and increase productivity. And thanks for your encouragement on expanding what I do… And, thanks for getting me through the kitchen. I was clearly shutting down on the final leg, and it was your energy that kept me going.

— JB | Overland Park, Kansas

Thank you so much for the OUTSTANDING program on home organization…Your Powerpoint and handouts were great but YOU were terrific! You motivated us to take one task at a time and you gave us a strategy for success.

— Chris Eaton, Liberty Branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library

I saw Tracy speak and contacted her because I was so overwhelmed with paper. Because I was overwhelmed I didn’t do anything…Having someone to support me and talk to was wonderful. Virtual Organizing with Tracy has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. It hasn’t been drudgery or tense. It has been fun! Knowing our call was coming up helped me get my assignments done, too! I thought, “Oh, this is working! I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!”

— Jeanette Cordell, Bella Vista, AR

Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I can’t believe my closet upstairs! I had to go up and look in there this morning just to make sure it wasn’t a dream:) Are you sure you didn’t sneak out a bunch of stuff when I wasn’t looking???? Also, my son went over to the shelf , chose 3 books and put them in his backpack! This is new territory! Never have I seen him take books to school with him except when forced! Unbelievable! You are awesome! Thanks so much!!!

— LC, Overland Park, KS

Tracy, we found you to be a simply OUTSTANDING professional organizer and could not believe what you helped us accomplish in only four hours. Our unfinished basement was, quite simply, a hot mess and we just did not know where to start or how to visually put it together. Even though we are both “naturally organized”, this area has never worked and morphed into a disaster area over the last 9 years. YOU provided the jump start to take back control, get it looking good, and, most important, know where to find our stuff. We were also impressed with how you managed our very different organizational styles and kept us moving the entire time. We both feel our investment in your service was money well spent and provided us both with a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you so much!

— Lisa and Nathan, Overland Park

Because of you, we were able to finally have a Christmas tree and were able to celebrate Christmas together at our home…we are so grateful and feel blessed.

— Stay-at-home Mom in Kansas City, Missouri

I was moving to a new office and decided to set it up properly. After almost 20 years it was time to learn a real process. Tracy helped me see the big picture AND organize the small details.

— VP Sales, Software Company