“Command Center” is a popular term right now. My definition for command center is a place where you keep ALL the stuff you need to run your household. Today I wanted to give you a few tips for creating your command center.

Create a command center in your home to help your family stay organized.

1. Choose a location

Choose a spot where everyone has access. A place in the center of it all. Typically this would be near the kitchen – the gathering spot! In homes today there may be a desk in the kitchen. You could use the desk and the cabinet above it. If that doesn’t work for you use a rolling cart or a small table with some storage.

2. Decide what you need to run your household

You will need a system for paper. I love the portable action file. Read about it here. All the mail and papers that come into the home will have their own home. This is a good location for your family calendar. Keep a few office supplies, paper, chore charts, weekly charts (Find FREE downloads online), phone numbers and directories. It just depends on what YOU want and what your household NEEDS. If you have a lot of storage elsewhere then you may have homes already for other things like backpacks, nail clippers, camera supplies, greeting cards, etc. Or, these types of things could go in your command center, too.

3. Tips for organizing your command center

Adjust the shelf height!

People forget they can move their shelves up or down. This allows you to stand up books, phonebooks, directories, 3 ring binders, etc, for easier access.

Use magazine holders to contain items.

Put directories or important papers in a magazine holder, label it and enjoy always knowing where your important phone numbers are.

Use the inside of cabinet doors.

Hang calendars, menu plans, chore charts or other important papers inside your cabinet door so that you have a clean look outside but easy, quick viewing just by opening the door.

Use cute containers to house like items.

Gather some boxes you ALREADY own and test out what works. Use spinach containers, check boxes and shoe boxes. Sort the items you have into categories. Put like items into a container and label it. Rearrange items until you love it and it works! Then, if it is in your budget, go buy containers that you love!

Keep it SIMPLE.

Don’t go all out ballistic trying to come up with a complicated space. Simple is the key to keeping it maintained and looking good.

Pictures and Links

Pictures inspire so hopefully you will be inspired to create a central location, a command center, for your family. Remember that it takes a while to get it right and working for your family. Have fun. Ask your spouse and children to give input. Change it up until it works and you love it!

The famous before picture of a typical cabinet above the desk.

This is the after picture of the same cabinet turned “Command Center.” Everything the family needs is in one place. The portable action file is on the desk.

Here is a close up. Notice we used the magazine holders for directories and school folders. The boxes contain like items. Label things so that every member of the family knows where it goes. Easy access and so beautiful!

Here is another cabinet turned command center. Unfortunately I did not get the before picture! It would have been amazing! This family has a 3-ring binder for their important forms and papers. Because we adjusted the shelf it fits perfectly! All the containers are from The Container Store.

More command center ideas

In a supply closet @ Substainably Chic Designs.

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Paper system tutorial with her command center @ Tatertots and Jello.

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A command center on the side of the cabinet @ Oh So Chichi!

Just remember…

Your command center will be unique to YOU.

Don’t compare.

Use what you have.

Be creative.

Keep it simple!

Have fun.

Enjoy being able to find what you need when you need it!

Tracy Hoth