There are a lot of people out there who’s closet may look like this.

  • You wake up every day and have to find what you want to wear in a closet that is just. Plain. OVERWHELMING.
  • You are always digging to find what you need.
  • You have too many sizes and half of what is in your closet doesn’t even fit.
  • Things are on the floor and you are constantly stepping over piles.
  • You have stuff you don’t even know what it is, stuff you’ve stashed in your closet to get ready for company [last year?], stuff covered in DUST, and more STUFF.
  • You have started keeping what you wear in another location or hanging off the door frame because you can’t get to your closet.
  • Every morning you start your day with this and every evening it’s the last thing you see and you just WISH it could change!

You are craving an overhaul. You wish it was organized and you could find what you need. You dream about having your shoes on shelves and your clothes organized by color! Okay, that may be going a little far but wouldn’t it be awesome?!

The Closet Organizing Makeover Begins

This was the state of my client’s closet when they called me. Can you relate to these pictures?

The ULTIMATE closet makeover...Before pictures.



Love that tie organizer…a white, wire hanger. 🙂





Good intentions with the clear plastic shoe boxes but there wasn’t enough space for all the shoes.



Oh, the wire hanger is a tie organizer AND a belt organizer!


My client’s were ready to do something about their closet! The husband was gifting his wife with my professional organizing services. Remember, ask for organizing hours as a gift. It will change your life!

Because they were both busy professionals our time working together was limited. We spent the first two hours going through all of the clothes. We separated them into three piles:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Give to sister.

Once we finished the purging process, which is a lot of decisions by the client, I was able to work on my own. I bagged all the donations. This was only one day’s donations. The KEY: Get rid of as much as you can!!

The donate pile was BIG in our ULTIMATE closet organizing makeover.

My next goal was to organize the items that were staying. Something very fun happened. I had access to Mike from Dream Rooms Home Remodeling. He was there to do some other projects around the house and was instructed to do whatever I needed him to do in the closet. WOW! This was a treat.

There were a few things that needed to be addressed:

  • More shelving for shoes to be displayed (We added another shelf in between each built in shelf.  We left the bottom shelf open for taller boots.)
  • Broken drawers needed to be fixed
  • Belts needed a place to hang (We added hooks on one end of the island for her belts and a belt hanger (actually a 4-Hook Bamboo Key Rack) for his.
  • Ties needed something better than a wire hanger (We added three tie organizers.)

Mike was amazing. He talked the options out with me, made suggestions, measured, bought all the supplies, hung the tie organizers, made shelves and painted it all perfectly! If you are in the Kansas City area and need something as simple as some drawers repaired or as complex as an entire home remodel please call Mike!

I LOVE closet organizing. I love to rehang clothes, fold clothes on shelves, arrange clothes in color order, roll clothes in drawers so they can all be seen. I love making my client’s morning and evening routine run smoothly and giving them JOY!

Things to think about while organizing your closet:

Arrange things in zones

When you think of your closet try to arrange things in zones. Put all purses in one area, all shoe polishes and pads in one area, all scarves in one area, all travel accessories in one area, all holiday wear in one area, etc.

Move memorabilia to another room

Don’t keep clothes you don’t wear in your valuable closet space. Clothes that were considered memorabilia were moved to another location. Same with papers and other keepsakes.

Have a plan

Have a plan for what comes into you closet. We added a container for recycle and trash. There is a designated container for loose change. We assigned the rod right inside the door for clothes from the cleaners to hang until they are unwrapped and de-twisty-tied and integrated to their proper location. There is a drawer for scissors and pens and notepads. Have a plan.

Here are some after pictures:

The ULTIMATE closet organizing makeover EVER after picture from Simply Squared Away!









We took out the shelves from one of the bathroom cabinets that were full of things that weren’t being used. I had Mike from Dream Rooms Home Remodeling add hooks to this bathroom cabinet to make a jewelry cabinet.



And, just for fun, the before and after side-by-sides.

The ULTIMATE closet organizing makeover - AFTER pictures!






What do you think? Wouldn’t you love having your closet organized?

Enjoy the benefits of an organized closet, no matter how big or small:

  • more peace
  • more calm
  • more joy, first thing in the morning and last thing at night
  • less time wasted looking for things
  • less money spent on duplicates
  • less stress from the piles and clutter.

Now, go makeover your closet!

Or, if you want to procrastinate, find the following items in the photos above: a bottle of honey (or agave?), red and gold Christmas balls, a picture of the moon with Santa’s reindeer flying in front of it, a pearl belt, a green purse, an owl, and pink polka dot slippers.


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  1. Looks wonderful, more like a dream. We are
    getting ready to move to a new location after
    35 plus yrs. in our present home, along with 60 yrs. of ____________:)
    I have a neice who does stuff like this for
    extra cash. She’s a real organizer but…
    don’t think…I can afford her services:)

    • Moving is such a great way to make yourself evaluate what you’ve kept and what you need (and want) moving forward! Keep hydrated and energized during the process because it takes a lot of mental focus! 🙂 Investing in an organizer’s help will surprise you. People that do wouldn’t have dreamed how wonderful it’s made their lives! Blessings on your move!

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