Why wear a work or school uniform? Here are my TOP 5 REASONS for ‘The Uniform’!

Why wear a work (or school) uniform

I love getting new work t-shirts. These are my uniform when I am helping organize clients. I am hands-on, so it’s not practical to be dressed up. Diane Corte, owner of DoodleYou, helped me design my shirt. I love it. If I am going to wear a uniform, I wanted it to be cute with a little bling.

My first four t-shirts were black, turquoise, pink and mulberry. This year I ordered new ones. These are the colors I chose.

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS to wear a uniform

1. You will save money on work (or school) clothes

If you have a uniform you don’t have to buy a bunch of other clothes. If you get to design your uniform, make something you would like to put on every day. I love the design plus I get to order my favorite colors.

2. It is free advertising

Have you ever left your name tag on after a conference or meeting? Someone will say your name and you wonder how they knew. I’ve done that. When you wear your uniform, you get free advertising while doing your everyday activities and errands. You never know what conversations might start up because someone sees your business name.

3. Your client feels secure

I never want to open my front door when I’m not expecting someone and my doorbell rings. So when I show up at my client’s door with my uniform on they feel secure that I am the organizer because my shirt has my company name on it.

We had a home inspection done the other day. I knew a representative was coming at the appointed time. When the doorbell rang, they handed me a business card identifying them with the company that I was expecting AND they had on shirts that said their business name. I knew they were here to do the job I had hired them to do.

4. Uniforms create unity

You know you’re all on the same team when you have the same outfit on. A uniform creates a sense of belonging and team spirit. When I was in high school, my basketball team all wore the same sleeveless polyester orange and white shirt (white with orange if we played a home game) with our personal number identifying who got the statistical tick marks for goals, assists, fouls, and free throws. We all suffered with the same baggy, almost knee-length shorts, but we KNEW we were a team and we worked together to hopefully sweat it out to the end with more points than the other team. Uniforms help identify unity.

5. It’s one less decision to make

If you’re like me, you dread going into your closet trying to figure out what to wear. Does this fit? Is that long enough? When was the last time I wore this? But, when all I have to do is pick which color uniform shirt to put on it simplifies my morning. Super simple. I leave the big decisions for later…what to pack in my lunch.

What do you think?

Reply in the comments below what you like or dislike about wearing a uniform.

Why wear a work or school uniform? Here are my TOP 5 REASONS for ‘The Uniform’!   Why wear a work or school uniform? Here are my TOP 5 REASONS for ‘The Uniform’!

Tracy Hoth