Last month I studied and focused on the topic of time. I learned four big time wasters and what to do about them.

Are you wasting time? See what the four biggest time wasters are and what you can do about them!

I’m sharing the top four time wasters, my own examples, how I’m making changes to waste less time and how you can, too.

You have the option to SAVE and CREATE time or SPEND and WASTE.

Here are four of the biggest time wasters ever!


Think about a decision you might be trying to make. How much time have you spent thinking about it, researching it, going back and forth about it, etc?

I spent two months going back and forth about whether or not to run a mile every day in 2019. Two months! Think of all the brain power I used and time I spent considering that?

What about weight? Think of all the time we spend thinking about how we need to lose weight, what diet we should do, when we should start, what exercise we should follow, how we didn’t follow our plan, etc.

Then, there’s ORGANIZING.

I hear women share all the time they spend feeling terrible about their home situation, their inability to make decisions on stuff, what to do with everything, where to start, how they don’t have time, etc.

Feeling bad and complaining about our lack of time consumes the actual time we do have.

Consider this…What if there are no right or wrong decisions?

Don’t go to the extreme and say the decision to murder someone is definitely wrong. I’m not talking about extreme moral or ethical decisions in this context.

But, what if all of the decisions we make are right, in that moment. Make a decision, instead of wasting time NOT making a decision, and move on. We can always change it in the future but for now we’ve made a decision. Done.

I did this a while back. I decided what platform to put my course on. Now, almost a year later I’ve decided to change it. Various reasons caused me to change now. The initial decision wasn’t wrong. But, now I’m deciding this. Done. No questioning and wondering if this is right. Just decided.

TIPS to SAVE or CREATE time:

  • Give yourself 5 minutes to make a decision. (Or 30 minutes or one day.)
  • Some decisions might require research. Give yourself 30 minutes to do research and then 5 minutes to decide.
  • Decide in advance that the decision will be the right decision.
  • Decide in advance that you will NOT beat yourself up or degrade the decision you made.

How is indecision wasting your time?


Who cares if it’s perfect.

You might. You might not want to do things unless you can do them perfectly.

We all have dreams but some people never reach theirs because they waste all the time they’re given trying to make sure everything is perfect.

Why does it have to be perfect? Think about that?

What if you organized your pantry and you keep your mismatched bins and your cereal in boxes instead of clear containers? Yep, you’d have an imperfect but organized pantry!

What if you don’t organize your closet because you are waiting until all your hangers can match and you don’t seem to find time to get to the store. In the meantime you can’t get in your closet and the clothes you actually wear are hanging in the hall.

I’m working on this with writing my blog posts. I can read something over and over and over and still find stuff wrong with it. This wastes so much time. I decided I don’t need them perfect. I don’t care if there are typos. Getting the idea out as best as I can in the least amount of time, and ALSO having time to work on other projects and ideas, is more valuable than making them perfect.

I just have to be willing to be uncomfortable a little and know that getting these other ideas out to people will make more of a difference than if I spend two more hours working on the post.

TIPS to SAVE or CREATE time:

  • Be okay with A- work. (Or B+ or B- work.)
  • Give yourself an amount of time to do something, set your timer, be done with it at the end of that time. You can always make improvements later.
  • Done is better than perfect. Work on believing that and living it out in the small things first.

How is perfectionism wasting your time?


90% of the things we worry about won’t happen. Isn’t that the saying?

Think of all the time we waste, spend, and use up when we sit in worry.

If we’re IMAGINING all these awful things that COULD happen, we could also, just as easily, direct our brains to IMAGINE all the good things that COULD happen, right?

People will say, “I’m just a worrier.” “I’m a born worry wart.” “My mom was a worrier so I come by it naturally.”

I’m not discounting that you may have a thought loop of worry and that you learned it when you were young and practiced it so much it happens without you thinking you have control over it.

Worry is just an unmanaged brain.

It’s not a personality trait that can’t be changed.

TIPS to SAVE or CREATE time:

  • Start watching your brain and the thoughts it offers you.
  • When you notice worrying thoughts, say aloud, “STOP. We are not going to spend time thinking these.”
  • Flip the thought. Instead of, “What if this happens…?” ask “What if this doesn’t happen…”
  • Direct your brain power to answer smart questions. Read more here.

How is worry wasting your time?


Overwhelm and confusion are the top two indulgent emotions.

Our brain’s job is to keep us safe and comfortable. If our brain offers us thoughts that make us feel overwhelmed and confused it keeps us safe and comfortable.

We don’t take actions that create results when we are overwhelmed or confused. We usually sit, avoid, distract, spin in our thoughts, etc. Doing these things waste our valuable time. At least we’re not uncomfortable – we’re not making mistakes and putting ourselves out there.

I did this for years when I was thinking I wanted to create a digital course. I sat in confusion about what to do and how to do it. Instead of just deciding and doing, I sat confused and overwhelmed.

Until one day, I learned how to manage my mind. I began to practice tools to create motivation and I created my digital course. Now I help teach these tools to women through coaching. 

Clients tell me this all the time. Instead of deciding and doing, they’ve stayed feeling terrible, indulging in overwhelm and confusion for a long time! Overwhelmed by all the stuff and thinking of the entire HUGE project.

TIPS to SAVE or CREATE time:

  • Realize your overwhelm and confusion are coming from thoughts you have.
  • Break your project into small pieces and write it all down on paper.
  • Pick one part of the project and schedule it on your calendar.
  • Get one thing done at a time. Celebrate.

How are indulgent emotions wasting your time?

Pick one area from above and go save/create some time.

If you want to learn tools to help you avoid these time wasters, schedule a free call with me here.



Are you wasting time? See what the four biggest time wasters are and what you can do about them!  Are you wasting time? See what the four biggest time wasters are and what you can do about them!

Tracy Hoth