Life throws some life transitions at you. When things get out of control, use zones to help you organize.

Life transitions

All of us encounter setbacks in our lives at one time or another. Something changes… a death, a new baby, a move… Maybe you haven’t identified exactly what it is in your life, but maybe you can relate to this client. She has allowed me to share this for those of you who are struggling with getting organized and moving on with the life you want to live.

“Tammy” had a baby AND moved with her husband across the country to an area where she had little extended family support. Then, she had another baby and moved again. Her home was not the first priority and being a perfectionist and struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder she just couldn’t keep up. Then, she had her third child. She finally, after working through the anxiety of letting someone come into her home, let me help.

The transformation began

In this post I will feature the “dining room.” This room was being used for miscellaneous storage and had never gotten unpacked and therefore was not being used.

Steps to organize

1. Create a plan.

She desired for this to be her children’s playroom. She envisioned crafts, games, a cozy television area, a table to create things, etc. After talking with her about her dreams for this area we created three zones: crafts, electronics, and games. Simple, huh?? Remember that is the first step.

2. Start sorting.

No decisions yet, just sort. Of course, I am always forgetting to take before pictures so here is a mid-way-through-the-sorting picture:

3. Go from pile to pile and find a home.

After sorting, we went pile by pile. We donated some things, moved some things to other areas of the home – some for permanent storage and some to go through at a later date, we recycled, and sent some things to the trash bin.

Steps to implement the ‘ZONES’

Now that the room is finished there is nothing in the room that doesn’t fit into one of the three zones. The electronic zone has a cozy couch, a television, and a television stand that also stores the children’s music. The game zone has two shelving units that hold all of their games. There is a table that can be folded down or kept up for games, crafts, homework, etc.

Use what you have

And the best part…an awesome craft armoire!! They had this beautiful armoire in their garage not being used. Her husband added a shelf and we measured out the space to purchase clear storage for all of the craft mediums. The kids were so excited about their new room that they spent several days “crafting.” They can clean up easily, too, because everything has a home!

What areas are unused in your home? Or filled with clutter or unpacked boxes? What are the possibilities?

Focus on small, itty-bitty steps

Don’t be ashamed. Focus on the small steps that lead to the end result!! Dream big and then lets get it accomplished so you and the people around you can live a full, abundant life!!


Life throws some life transitions at you. When things get out of control, use zones to help you organize.   Life throws some life transitions at you. When things get out of control, use zones to help you organize.

Tracy Hoth