If you are a non blogger and not familiar with the Ultimate Blog Pary (which I am a new-ish blogger and knew nothing about it until last night when I was reading Mary Carver’s blog Giving Up On Perfect) let me give you a mini description or go here and read about it on 5 Minutes for Mom – the party hosts.

A blog party is just like a real party only you are “virtual”. Just like at a real party you would go meet people, mingle, make friends, introduce yourself to many people, learn what people do, have fun, etc. A blog party is similar only it is on your computer. Everyone links up to a central location (5 Minutes for Mom) and then you can go out to their blogs and meet them by reading their Ultimate Blog Party post (where they introduce themselves and tell us some interesting things!). You can find new friends, browse around their blogs, make a comment, discover new things, have fun, enjoy the creativity, find new blogs you want to follow, etc.

So, let me introduce myself…

I am a professional organizer and owner of Simply Squared Away, a professional organizing business based out of Kansas City, MO. I really started blogging October 23, 2008 because my website (my old one) had limited space and I couldn’t add any pictures or I would go over the limit (that was sad). Before and after pictures are fun for potential clients to see your work so I decided I needed a free venue to add before and after pictures and tell the stories behind them. I started blogging and telling these stories but the blog was separate from my website (that was sad, too).

Then as my business grew I wanted to combine my website and my blog and give them a little updating. I found Michael at KickstartCMS and he and his team did all the technical work for me!

I enjoy blogging so this year I am wanting to learn more about it. I had Mary Carver come visit me one morning (we are both in Kansas City) and share her knowledge. She has a LOT of knowledge. There is so much to learn! Lingo, etiquette, shortcuts! Now I have direction! I have the blogs I want to follow set up through my Google reader! I have a blog calendar created! Wow! And, there is still so much more to learn and practice!

Aside from blogging I organize! I help people get organized in their homes and home offices! I want them to be successful, be free from that overwhelming feeling of clutter closing in around them, weighing the background of their brains down with dread. Stuff can seriously affect you! I want to help!

I am a wife to a WONDERFUL man and the mom of four beautiful children. What could get better than that!? See our Christmas photo on my December 15th blog post.

I am a Christ-follower, Bible believing, saved by grace, adopted daughter of my Heavenly Father – the one, true God! I just finished leading a group of ladies at our church through Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book Choosing Gratitude! WoW! Definitely would recommend that to EVERYONE! Choosing gratitude is the sure answer to peace, a great way to control run away emotions, the way God infuses joy and peace into our daily struggles of life, and it changes our perspective instantly!

You can find me organizing with clients or speaking, which I love (need a speaker?), or on Facebook.com/simplysquaredaway (and like me if you want) and on Twitter.com@tracyhoth (although I need to work on this!) or here at my website or here in an article in the newspaper, the Kansas City Star, this weekend or out with my family or here at my church (pictures of our most recent event!).

I had fun introducing myself. Be sure to tell me about you! I will definitely come by (if you are a blogger) and meet you!

Tracy Hoth