I wanted to show you some updates we did in my girl’s room and show you one of my FAVORITE organizing products for dresser drawers. I blogged about it previously here. This product is a good place to start if you are wanting to bring your kids on board with keeping their OWN things organized.

My girls share a room and use one dresser that was handed down from my mother-in-law. I think it had been in their family for some time, too, but would have to check on that to be sure. The dresser needed to be repainted and we wanted to add some snazzy-ness to the girl’s room so we decided on zebra stripes. We also painted each wall a different color and then tied the dresser in by painting each drawer to match a wall – two pale blue, two pale green and two pink.

To make the stripes I cut blue painters tape lengthwise in wavy, uneven lines and then taped them on the drawer – flipping some to make the lines uneven. I loved how the first one came out so much that I went ahead and did the rest. It was a little time consuming!!

We added their initial on the pink drawers with some tissue paper.

Then we got  a little carried away with zebra stripes and made them each a wall hanging. They picked out their own scrapbook papers for their initial. First, we “Mod Podged” the canvas with zebra tissue paper that we purchased from Hobby Lobby. I learned that from my friend Jennifer and was inspired by this table she made! Then, we added their initial and mod podged some more. Finally, we wrapped the furry thing around the back of each side and stapled it on the back of the frame.

Here is Bridget's wall.
Here is Courtney's wall.


Here is their bulletin board.


Then we added a little fringe and beading to their lamp.


Here is their desk.

Now for the ORGANIZING product that I love for drawers: the Expandable Drawer Divider. You can find them here at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I love these because kids can keep their own things in order. I just ran up to take a picture of their drawers:

Not perfect – but socks in one section, tights in another and panties in the last section. Looks like we could purge some socks – especially since Santa is so practical and brought socks for Christmas!! Gotta love a practical Santa!

I use the drawer dividers for myself and it works GREAT! If YOU or your kids need to tidy up a drawer give it a try!

One more picture…Happy Day!!

Tracy Hoth