What are you good at doing? Playing an instrument? Playing a sport? Being a mom? We become good at the things we practice! Right? No one is good at things when they first start…it takes a lot of practice!

Staying organized is the same way. After you set up a system you need to practice it until it becomes a reflex action. Take your mail. Do you normally scan through it and throw it in a pile? You are good at that because you have practiced it. What if you practiced something new ~ making an immediate decision right away about each piece of mail? And then putting it away! You would really become good at it after some disciplined practice.

Did your parents ever make you practice the piano? Even when you REALLY didn’t feel like it! As adults maybe we still need someone to make us practice certain things? Even when we feel like just throwing the mail in a pile and dealing with it later!

Pick one thing that you want to begin practicing! Only ONE thing! Here are some suggestions:

  • Mail ~ making an immediate decision: throw, recycle, file, act on
  • Clothes ~ putting them away after you take them off or wash them
  • Jewelry ~Finding a home for each thing and putting it back in it’s home
  • Toys & Kids ~ Creating a plan for them to clean up before leaving the room or before bed

“Practice makes perfect a more organized home and a less stressed & happier YOU!”  

image source: freedigitalphotos.net

Tracy Hoth