Whenever you are trying to make decisions about the STUFF you have ask yourself questions like these:

  1. Do  you love it?
  2. When is the last time you used it?
  3. Can you find it elsewhere? Online?
  4. Does it support the life you want to lead and/or the person you want to be?
  5. What is the worst thing that could happen if you parted with it?

It is okay to keep things. But when you say yes to keeping things that you don’t love, don’t use and that don’t support your life NOW (not in the past – what you should have done; or the future – what you might need or might do) you are saying no to the NOW – the PRESENT – the life you are living!








Here are three more questions focusing on your available space from Laura at Orgjunkie:

  1. Can I afford, in terms of space, to keep this item?
  2. Could the space that this item takes up be put to better use?
  3. What am I saying NO to in order to say YES to this item?

Decisions are HARD and constant and must be made every day, every hour it seems at times. Remember, at first it will be hard especially if you have put it off. Delaying decisions = clutter. Take one step at a time, ask yourself thFaese questions for each item and you will begin walking into the life you want to live…living out your dreams!








With each item a decision had to be made…








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Tracy Hoth