You don't have to be the Lone Ranger. Have a team who works together to get the organizing job done.


Are you like the lone ranger?

Do you take on too much and/or try and do it all yourself? Are you spending a lot of time doing things you dislike or learning how to do things that you are unfamiliar with or not good at?

Lone Ranger

After my daughter’s soccer game this weekend the coach said to the girls, “When people see the results what will they see?” They will see the team name and the score NOT the girls’ names who scored the goals or blocked the shots.

The team works together to get the job done.

That is a very good point. Your ‘team’ should work together to get the job done. It doesn’t make you better if you do everything for the team. If you do all the cooking, cleaning, repair, data entry,  shopping, finances, etc it doesn’t make you more of a winner. But, it could make you more exhausted, less productive and even a little bitter.

Who is on your team?

Do you have a house cleaner, decorator, data entry person, IT expert, professional organizer, or gym membership/personal trainer? More than likely you have a few servants already – like the washer, dryer and the dishwasher that work while you do other things. How about considering the possibility of adding a few more members to your team in order to help your team run more smoothly, be more productive, and help you do the MOST important things that you enjoy and are gifted in?

To evaluate your team and to create the most successful team available to you, follow these tips:


Make a list of these things. These are the areas in which to consider adding a team member.


Begin to ask yourself how you can add someone to your team to be more successful in this area. It could be your family members! It could be the boy down the street. It could be a professional. For example, if you are overwhelmed with laundry and can’t seem to stay on top of it…

Option 1: Find an efficiency expert or a friend who can sit down with you to evaluate your time management. Maybe it is a problem delegating or maybe you just need a system in place to manage your time and household tasks.

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Option 2: Add someone to your team to do the task. Delegate a family member. Tape a schedule on the laundry room door. Hire a helper. I know of a women that travels to her client’s homes and does their laundry! How great would that be!? She is quite inexpensive, too!

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You might be full of excuses…

  • I should be able to do this task!
  • I can’t afford to hire someone.
  • I don’t want anyone to see my weakness.
  • I don’t have time to find someone for this job.
  • It is too much work to teach someone how I want this done.

Instead think, “This might be just the answer I need! How can I make this work?”


People often try something once and then don’t stick with it which leads them to believe it didn’t work. To evaluate if something works you need to commit to trying it for a period of time. Try 3 months.

I have two friends and a colleague that I really admire in this area. They realize they need help or could be more productive if they had help and they immediately call in the troops! They find who they need, add them to the team and move on!

ACTION: Consider just ONE area you could add a team member to your life to make it more enjoyable, less stressful and more productive. The hardest part will probably be finding the right person. Start thinking of who does what you need, talk to others to let them know you are looking, pray about it and you just might be amazed at how quickly you find just the right solution!


Build your team. Enjoy your life a little more!


You don't have to be the Lone Ranger. Have a team who works together to get the organizing job done.   You don't have to be the Lone Ranger. Have a team who works together to get the organizing job done.

Tracy Hoth