What happens when we ask the question, “Why can’t I get organized?” I want to share with you why it’s not a useful question and what to do instead.
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The first thing we need to know is what it means to be organized.

Being organized means that you know what you have, and you can find it when you need it. That’s it.

So when you say, “Why can’t I get organized?” you’re actually telling your brain to go find what’s wrong and spending a lot of time looking at what’s wrong and basically telling yourself that there IS something wrong.

You’re saying:

  • I’m not able.
  • I’m made in a way that I can’t get organized.
  • I live with someone that has too much stuff.
  • I’m not good at making decisions.
  • That’s why I can’t get organized.

There is something wrong.

Then our brain gets lost in the thought that there is something wrong with us or the people that we live with or wrong with our schedule. We tell ourselves that we can’t figure out how to find time to organize or we have low energy or we’re constantly telling our brain to find problems.

Our smart brain goes out and tries to solve those problems.

We’re spending all that time trying to find what’s wrong instead of organizing and getting the work done.

Nothing really good comes from the question, “Why can’t I get organized?”

The Solution

The only reason that you haven’t gotten organized (YET!) is that you haven’t assigned homes to the things that you have and you haven’t set limits or contained the area that you want to organize.

When I talked about the five steps to getting organized HERE, the first two steps to declutter are to sort and purge.

The next two steps are organizing – to assign homes and to set limits.

The only reason you’re not organized, or maybe you just don’t feel organized, is because you haven’t done those steps.

That’s it!

I mean, that’s kind of a relief, right? There’s nothing wrong with you. You just haven’t done those two steps yet.

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What can we do instead?

Here are 4 things you can do today:

1. Accept where you are right now.

We have so much anger, blame, guilt, and yucky feelings around how ‘lacking’ or ‘deficient’ we THINK we are, that we spend a lot of time not accepting it. Just accept where you are.

Acceptance is a state of being.

Let’s just accept where you are. No more fighting about it, resisting it or blaming. No more anger. Just love and accept where you are.

Accept the amount of skill that you have. Accept the amount of stuff that’s there and what it is. It’s all okay. Love the person who made it there.

That’s the first step.

2. Then start asking a different question. “What if it’s possible?

I have a little postcard that says this. If you want me to send you one, send me an email with your address and I’ll send you one.

Start exploring the thoughts that you have when asking yourself that question, “What if it IS possible?”
Imagine what that would be like for you to get there? Imagine what it would feel like? What kinds of things would you have to do?

And best of all, what if it was easier than you thought? What if, just the way you are, you could make that happen.

3. Constrain yourself to just one small spot to organize – one small area.

Don’t try to organize your whole house, your whole desk, your whole kitchen. Just pick one small area – one drawer, one countertop, one corner.

Wow, that doesn’t seem as HUGE (sigh of relief)!

Now go through the steps HERE to get organized here for just that one little area.

4. Do it imperfectly.

Go ahead and do it messy. Who cares if it’s perfect! Don’t be rigid about how you do it or try to make it perfect. Don’t compare it to anyone else or follow anybody’s way. Just follow the steps and do it your way and do it imperfectly.
Be curious and just do it because you want to try, that’s it. You’re just going to have fun with it. You’re going to do it just because you want to – just because you want that result.

This is what we do in Organized Life Academy.

I take people through this process. We learn the skills and we just keep practicing the skills as we constrain our focus on one area.

I help you work on the mindset part, too.

We learn how to shift our mindset and believe new things. We’ll stop to see the possibilities. Then, we build the belief in that possibility and make the progress that we want.

I hope you join us in the Organized Life Academy. Click here to learn more

Let me know your thoughts about today’s topic:
How you can stop asking the question, “Why can’t I get organized?”
And instead ask yourself, “What if it is possible?”

Tracy Hoth